hot rods in heidiland

The ACES Poker Run »Alpine Edition« #2 was held back in May 2018 already but I just noticed that I haven't gotten around to post some pictures on this blog

It's an invitation-only event that happened for the second time and again was organized by us, the three five members of the ACES Car Club's little swiss chapter. Due to popular demand and with the vision of having an event with a traditional feel, we set up a few rules, allowing only 1949 and older cars, read traditionally built hot rods and kustoms. In spite of the exclusivity, we had people from Italy, Germany, France, and Switzerland (obviously), and more than 60 cars.

A special thank you goes out to JJ / Sugar City Speed Shop for the killer artwork!

And now, please check out the gallery!


  1. I am always impressed with the dedication of the European traditional hotrod community and the level of quality in their cars.It must be much harder and more expensive to build a car there than here in America.Your cars are great and the scenery is stunning!

  2. Thank you for your comment. Yes it is harder but finding parts isn't that bad thanks to the internet, maybe except for the shipping cost. The biggest obstacle are the strict traffic laws in many european countries that make it hard to register a modified car.