keep on truckin

They say that a cool truck makes for a good start into the new week. Seen at GNRS one year ago.


come on closer

While waiting for spring, I was digging through some older files. Here are a couple of black and white close-ups I came up with... took them three years ago at the Hangar Rockin' in Switzerland. Still love the high contrast I was playing with at the time.


the barn find riva

Vintage speedboats are great. The combination of a hot rod engine in a beautifully shaped wooden body is simply stunning. It's like having the best of both worlds. And they don't get any classier than the italian Riva, the king of wooden sports boats. A couple of days ago, I came across the restoration story of a barn find Riva. Actually, it was the restorer himself who contacted me in order to get more information about the copper gas tank my buddy Raphael built. The Riva he's rebuilding is the only one surviving out of four equipped with a rare Scripps V12 flathead. The icing on the cake respectively on the 900 cubic inch lump are two McCulloch superchargers. The installation, which should have resulted in a whopping 500+ hp figure, was even covered by several hot rod magazines at the time. Click here to read more about this great project!


sniffing glue

Remember the smell of glue and enamel paint? It always reminds me of my grandma's place. Well, actually it wasn't my grandma who got me into Monogram kits, but she helped it a lot by financing my new found hobby. Unfortunately, the boxes of those 1:24 scale muscle cars and hot rods I bought never looked nearly as cool as the ones you see in this post. I'm simply too young for having had that experience for real in my local hobby store. Luckily, I recently found a great selection of old model kit box art on the Hawk and Buzzard blog. And while we're at it, make sure to visit that blog from time to time. Quality not quantity, and always a great read.


el mirage 1948

This ain't nothing short of amazing! There are a couple of fantastic color pics taken at El Mirage in 1948 on the SCTA website. The photography almost seems unreal, as it's so colorful, brilliant and clear. Thanks to fellow gearhead and kustom maniac Sondre who discovered them and posted the link on the HAMB.


wicked wagon

There's just something with slammed wagons. Especially the early to mid 60s longroofs with their crisp lines simply ooze coolness when laid low. This bad-ass falcon just caught my eye with its simple scallops and a couple of bitchin' details. Found on the Fuel Magazine blog, a great website from down under.


28-29 roadsters on deuce rails

Did I already tell you how much I love 28-29 model As on deuce rails? I probably did. But it can get even better. 28-29 model A roadsters on deuce rails! Here are some of my favorites I collected all over the web. And yes, I do have a soft spot for hallock style windshields.


donald was a hot rodder

Donald is well-known for having his fair share of aggressive potential. But what I didn't know is that he's a hot rod driving, hell raising hoodlum at heart. Well, check it out for yourself.


homebuilt copper fuel tank

A couple of days ago, my buddy Raphael told me he was just about to finish the copper fuel tank he was building from scratch for his model A three window coupe project. So I took my camera and visited him at his workshop.

The details and the finish just blew me away.

The filler neck was turned from a chunk of brass.

Same for the fuel line connections.

Click here for more pics.