new location: hangar rockin' st. stephan

The swiss Hangar Rockin' will be held at a new venue: the former military airbase of St. Stephan. It's a small village in the Simmental, about a one hour drive from Berne. This means there will be way more space for cars, stalls and party as the meeting had really outgrown its former location at Birrfeld. But the best news are that the chicken run is officially back on the track! Stay tuned for the latest news.


hamb: how to build a 1933 5-window coupe

If I'd have to list my favourite books, most of these books' titles would start with "how to...". Same on the internet, or more specifically on the HAMB. And from time to time, there are build-up threads that really grab my attention, just like Jess' thread of her building a 1933 5-window coupe with the help of her father and several good and obviously very talented friends. What impresses me the most are the evident quality and the fabrication skills throughout the whole build-up. And even the very detailed photography fits the flawless image.


el cheapo kustom works

This killer '41 Plymouth coupe is currently being built by El Cheapo Kustom Works. Can't wait to see it in the flesh, what an awesome work of art! The renowned belgian pinstriper and photographer is also member of the Scrapers. Thanks to bielle chaude for inspiration.


alpine hot rodding (part two)

Two months ago, I visited my buddy Richard's garage to take some shots of his awesome 1927 roadster and to check out some of his customers' rides as well. The satin black 1953 Ford Customline is Richard's summer daily driver while the beautiful 1936 roadster is owned by a customer and it just got a hopped up flathead installed. And that nice grill ornament belongs to a 1934 Ford pickup truck which isn't finished yet. Looks like those vintage Fords found a good home in the middle of the swiss alps!


hopped-up: a book project by david biene

The german photographer David Biene is currently working on a new book about european hot rod culture. Check out his blog to watch the book grow!