gnrs 2012: the doane spencer roadster

In celebration of the deuce's 80th birthday, an entire building was packed with 1932 Fords. Coupes, roadsters, sedans, stockers, street rods, red, black, pastel, you name it. But the one that really stood out from the crowd, at least in my eyes, was all subtle and all black. But nevertheless, it caught all my attention, also due to the fact that I didn't expect to see it there: The Doane Spencer Roadster. I only knew it from books and magazines. But seeing it in the flesh only confirmed what I already secretly suspected: It is america's most beautiful roadster ever. So sinister, so slender, so understated. So perfect.


more gnrs 2012

It obivously isn't just about roadsters. So there's plenty to see for almost any taste. Which is not always in favor for us traditional guys who are known for having an exquisite eye for the beauty and therefore having to cope with quite a lot of billet and big wheels and cheesy interior designs. But let's get back to the highlights of the show. I just added more pics to the gallery. And there's still more to come.

Jorge Zaragoza's Rolling Bones built 1932 three window.

Rick Dore built this Lincoln Zephyr for James Hetfield.

This Merc was one of my favorites.

Another favorite car at the show: Goran Lassell's 1948 Merc sported a gorgeous new paintjob and interior.

Yes it used to be satin green.

Goran Lassell's 1952 Chevy two door sedan.

Historic lakes roadster.

Nick Hanson's freshly built 1929 roadster was perfect in every way.


grand national roadster show 2012: suede palace

With its first edition in 1950, the Grand National Roadster Show is one of the world's oldest car shows. I just came back from a friday afternoon at the suede place and took a bunch of pictures... See what I saw.


zephyr tattoo

Richie Soto, owner and builder of the bare metal Lincoln Zephyr just sent me a photo of his latest tattoo. As a reference, he choose one of the photos I took of his car. Hell, it's the first time to see one of my pics tattoed, so I'm pretty stoked. The tattoo was done by Tim Hendricks of Gold Rush Tattoo in Costa Mesa.




Once in a while or let's say almost every night before I go to sleep I quickly check what's going on at the virtual used car lot. It's rare that you see decent photography in an ad. But this one caught my attention. And the Riviera isn't bad either. (photos © seller)

boulevard bombers



down by the bayou

When it comes to making use of their cars in style, the Los Boulevardos know how to roll. For the second time, they held their Cruise To The Bay, wonderfully captured on photos by buenasuertegirl. And after enjoying the fabulous slideshow all I know is: When I grow up I want to be a Boulevardo.
(photos © buenasuertegirl)


manic monday

Mondays suck. Weekends rule. Especially summer weekends. Just like the one in August when I took the 49 for a spin around the village just to find that cool old building not far from my shop.


the wall

I still can't get enough of Richie Soto's 1939 Zephyr. This is another outtake from the photoshoot with this bare metal beauty.


more helps more

If you think a V8 isn't even half the fun and one engine is no engine, then this supercharged twin V-16 speed boat might be a good start for you. It was built in the early 1930s combining two 1,113-cubic-inch engines, each of them rated to 930hp. Read more about Miss America VIII, yes that's how this boat was named, on Hemmings. Ship ahoy.

behind the scenes

This probably doesn't look like your neighbor's backyard. I took it one year ago in the Mojave desert. And now that you might have recognized some of the cars, you'll know the name of the custom builder who owns this hidden parking lot.


deacons in the dust

The Deacons from San Diego are one of the clubs to be praised for bringing back the soul into hot rodding in the mid to late 1990s. During their trip to Paso in 2002, they obviously had some fun in the dirt, wonderfully captured on film by photographer Stacey Holland. Enjoy this set and have a great weekend.
(photos © the daily machine)