photos long beach motorama

Judging by the photos floating all over the hot rod and kustom web, the Long Beach Motorama must have been a killer show. If those pics were black and white, it'd be hard to tell if they're from today or back in the days. Check out the pics by KID DEUCE. Kustoms rule!


photos billetproof california

Are you saddened about the demise of summer? Well don't be depressed, just take a look at ratfink49's photos of the latest Billetproof California and let the sun shine into your heart. (HAMB)

coming soon

Don't miss the tiki shifter release party and open house at Custom Parts & Wear!


for sale: olds super 88

This ain't bringatrailer.com and no, I usually don't post classified ads. But seeing this 1959 olds coupe for sale just made my day. At the same time, it ruined my day when I realized that my financial consultant would never approve on an investment like this. Maybe you're in a luckier situation than I am so here's the original ad. But ain't this a rear to die for?


go different, go east

I'm a long-time admirer of the japanese hot rod, custom and lowrider cultures. They don't just build their cars along the traditional lines but moreover do their own interpretation of a classic style and add their own twist. These guys are great at observing but they're truly brilliant in attention to detail and they definitely have an eye for style. A distinctive style, that really works. Sometimes it's just the choice of color, sometimes an uncommon detail. But they always tend to go the extra mile where others may have stopped earlier. Check out the 影Blog and dive into this great gallery.


4 banger vs. flathead v8

Another cool video from the Massen Dirt Track Race in Germany. A four banger powered special fighting against the mighty flathead v8.

rockabilly bombardment: car show

Each year, the guys from the Bombardeers club work their asses off to put up another great show: the Rockabilly Bombardment. Regular attendants already know about the car show for pre-65 iron on saturday. But they don't know yet about the special surprise for this year's edition: Paul Le Mat will be there. So, if you ever felt like bench racing with John Milner, bitching about his ****yellow coupe or you just need a picture to impress all of your facebook friends, you know what you gotta do. And if you happen to turn up in your old jalopy on saturday afternoon, you'll get a free ticket for the concert on the same evening. Sounds terrific?


down and dirty in germany

There's a big cloud of dust over germany. And it doesn't come from northern volcanos. Dirt track fever is quickly gaining ground thanks to a bunch of great traditional style events just like the Massen Dirt Track held at Schacksdorf for the second time in a row. I don't have a clue where that might be but here we got a couple of pics by fellow ACES member Beat Schuppli. You might also have a look at the blog of Brian the Brain or check out this video clip.


all you ever wanted to know...

...about Austin Speep Shop but never dared to ask. This cool little vid was made by students from the University of Austin, Texas.


finsterwalde 2010 by christer ehrling

Summer has gone around here. But there's still some good stuff going on like the annual Headbanging in Finsterwalde. Unlucky me, I couldn't attend this epic event this year, so staring at great photos like the ones by Christer Ehrling is the closest thing to being there.


hot rod & art show :: weil am rhein

Finally... I managed to upload my shots from the Hot Rod & Art Show in Weil am Rhein! Burlesque dancers, hot rods, leadsleds. Heck, what do you want more.