flashback 2008 (1/2)

It's that time of year again... 2008 is about to close its doors while 2009 is waiting on the doorstep. Like every reputable newspaper, magazine or tv station, LOWTECH provides you with an end of year review. Original, huh? Well, the holidays ain't the best time to be creative, but when I browsed the LOWTECH photo gallery I almost got a sentimental feeling, haha seriously...as there were so many great events and moments in 2008. So let's have a look in the rear view mirror and let me share with you some kind of a "best of 2008" selection. Have fun! Part 2 is coming soon.

The year started full throttle with a visit at my buddy Richard's garage

My first ride ever in a '27 roadster

The summer came and brought some great events

Summer in Switzerland doesn't necessarily mean sunshine

In spite of some rain drops, the Cheaters Open House was a great event

Leadsled parking

Another garage, another open house

Great cars, great people

With summer in full swing, time for the Custom Parts & Wear open house

New members for the european chapter of the ACES Car Club

The Shoplifters gained strenght, too

My ride should't be missing when it comes to my personal best of 2008

Thank you & see ya later.


season greetings

When it comes to winter pictures, this shot pretty much sums it up for me. The fabulous and somewhat iconic picture graced the cover of the december 1951 issue of Motor Trend. And while it's one of my all time favourite pictures, the Sam Barris Merc is one of my all time favourite kustoms, too. So, if Santa reads this, he should know what to do... Merry christmas and a happy new year! (Kustomrama)


yaril's customs

As some of you may know, I've got a soft spot for old vee dubs, while I'm at the same time deeply into traditional american iron. Talk about two hearts beating in my chest... The more people I meet, the more I realize that there are lots of 'em with a wider horizon than you'd imagine at first. Anything goes, as they say. Well, as long as it's done with style. One of them is custom builder Yaril, who just launched his website in order to promote his newly established business Yaril's Customs. He's working on various cars, blending american and european influences, but all of them got one thing in common: Yaril's great eye for a distinct style, based on simplicity. And on a serious lowering.


custom parts & wear: open house

There are things in life you shouldn't miss... one of them is the annual open house at Custom Parts & Wear in Mellingen. Manu and Stöffel know how to throw a party so there's no excuse for you to stay at home and watch tv or get on your girlfriend's nerves. Be there or be square, as they say. (You can even bring your girlfriend/ wife/ lover/ ex-wife as they got some cute stuff for kittens, too. And there are two bitchin' band playing that night!)


track nose roadster

Deacons' member Kyle sent me those pics of a cool track nose 1927 roadster on deuce rails. Actually, I've never been a big fan of the 26-27 roadsters, not even to speak of a T-bucket... being too much of a horseless carriage, in my opinion. But when they're put on a set of model-A or 1932 rails, they really get a kick ass stance.


chevy parking only

These are some shots I took during the weekend of the Rockabilly Bombardment. I spent some quality time at the home of my buddy Sandro who helped me with some adjustments on my '49 Coupe. He's a true Chevrolet aficionado and currently building a bitchin' 1947 Aerosedan. It's gonna be ready for next summer, slammed to the ground thanks to an airride system and with a beautiful tuck'n roll interior... stay tuned.


not channeled...

...but everything else: «Sectioned 6". Chopped 5.5" front, 6.25" rear. Shortened 6" behind the doors.» This is what the builder/owner wrote on the HAMB about his impressive 1952 Chevy Coupe. Well, sounds like a whole lot of work. And by the way, it does look great. (HAMB)


classic custom ads (volume 4)

Due to the positive feedback I received for my customized vintage car ads I decided to do another two ads. This time I opted for an elegant late 40s Lincoln convertible. Apart from the obvious lowering, the windshield was chopped a few inches, ornaments and door handles were removed and the grill was modified for that slick traditional custom look. No wonder it gets attention wherever it goes, even from the girls around the pool.

And did you know that the 1949 Ford was available as a factory leadsled, with a lowered suspension, nosed, decked and a different roofline? Well, here you go...


featured artist: limpe iven

In case you didn't know Limpe Iven before, you better check out immetiately the amazing work of this talented dutch photographer. Very inspiring stuff that kept me from my work for almost an hour.

Even stumbled upon some familiar faces... hey guys!


period pictures

This is incredible! You can explore millions of historic photos from the 1750s until today. Just click here to enter the LIFE magazine photo archive, hosted by Google. Enter search words like hot rod and you'll be amazed by the stuff you'll find. (Bielle Chaude)


rockabilly bombardment, austria

A few weeks ago, hepcats and rockabellas from all over Europe met at the 5th annual Rockabilly Bombardment in the little austrian town called Hohenems. While the party got started on friday night, a carshow was held during saturday afternoon. "Klein aber fein" as they say in Austria, so check out the photos I took. Thanks to the Bombardeers Old School Club for a great weekend!


1929 roadster

The Cheaters from Geneva aren't famous for being a lazy bunch. Hell no, as one of their members, Peter, is just about to finish his bitchin' 1929 model A roadster. With a stout 304 cu.in. flatty, 1939 brakes and rims, a great stance and a flawless paintjob on top of that it's one of Switzerland's nicest hot rods. At least in my humble opinion. But check it out for yourself, on their blog or even on youtube.


us cars @ burger king lupfig

That was another busy weekend. Right the day after the Skates, Monsters, Skulls & One Shot at Custom Parts & Wear, we headed to the last carshow of this summer/fall. It took place at the Burger King in Lupfig, famous for the monthly King Cruiser Nights. Click here for some pics I took or discover my flickr photo gallery.