bombardment in austria

Each year in fall, the Rockabilly Bombardment weekender is stirring up Hohenems, a small border town in Austria. Saturday afternoon usually means car show time with a couple of local four- and two-wheeled rides. The weather was fabulous and the evening light amazing. Click here for more pics.


indian summer

What they call indian summer in the states is called Altweibersommer in german speaking countries. Which literally translates to old women's summer. Maybe this means I should take the '49 out for a ride and attract some older women.

follow the tradition

If you want to know what Vern Tardel is currently up to, you can either visit him in Santa Rosa, California at his Flathead Ranch or you can follow him on facebook.


coming soon: powerglide #19

Be sure to get a copy of the upcoming issue #19 of the french POWERGLIDE magazine. It's always a treat to check it out even if you don't speak too much french. And it's gonna showcase a car feature I shot this summer.

the bonneville and the road

Coby Gewertz's 1964 Pontiac Bonneville. (via HAMB)


throttlers picnic

This looks like a great car show: Throttlers 2011 Burbank, photos @ Chris Casny. Very nice pics, Chris! (HAMB)

deadend movie

So many cool rides in one place. This must be the Deadend Magazine Cruise Night 2011 from Andrew Quinones on Vimeo.


voodoo hoodoo

While I'm cultivating my laziness, others are busy as hell. Take Raphael, for example, the guy building his one-off three window model a coupe. After he got the car running this summer, he decided it might need a nice shiny hood and matching hood sides. As usual, he wasn't happy with the stuff from the shelf so he started with a couple of sheets of aluminum and after a little hammering here and some pounding there, voilà, this is what he came up with.


nomad's land

Two door coupe and wagon are by far the cooler body styles of post war cars. So, it doesn't get much better than a two door wagon. That's why I, even if I'm not a big fan of tri chevys, adore the '55 nomads with their slanted side windows and radiused rear wheel wells. This one must be my favorite. (photos © Dutchman Photos)


the road to finsterwalde

One of the best parts of a hot rod show is getting there. (photos © Beat Schuppli)


cruising los angeles in the 1940s

Maybe you remember that drive down sunset strip in 1964. Here we got something similar but what really adds to the awesomeness is that it is from the 1940s! Hot rod archeologists may have to pay special attention at 1:49 and 3:22. Enjoy! (via Powerglide, source Archive.org)

finsterwalde by night

It was a smokey night in Finsterwalde, Germany. (photos © Beat "Smokin" Schuppli)


stance works

The 1940 Ford Coupe is one of the nicest cars of the 30s and 40s. It's a beauty in stock condition but also makes for a great kustom and even works with a hot rod stance. This is how I saw Paul's forty Ford in person. And before it got a bit of tweaking on the suspension.

And these are the "after" shots. The new stance looks much more aggressive and fits the coupe perfectly. I couldn't hardly decide between the two looks. Could you? But I keep being amazed of what stance can do to the attitude of a car.


headbanging 1951

The annual Headbanging in Finsterwalde, Germany is the closest you can get to entering a time machine and heading back to the post-war era. Limited to pre-58 cars and taking place on an old military air base, there's no modern junk to distract the viewer's eye. Once more, it's our man at the eastern front providing us with a lot of great pics. Thanks, Beat! (photos © Beat Schuppli)