santa maria!

Wide whites, chopped tops, appletons, full wheels covers, shiny paintjobs. Fuck yeah, customs! They deserve all the coverage they can get nowadays and I'm more than happy to present you some of the photographs my good friend Mark Garza took at this year's Santa Maria Cruisin' Nationals. Stay tuned for more to come.

german gentleman's hot rods

Josh Clason did it again. For his latest movie Poetry In Motion, he chose nothing else but one of the world's most iconic cars, the Mercedes Benz 300 SL also known as Gullwing. It's beautiful, it's fast and it sounds fantastic. A true gentleman's hot rod. Or is that a contradiction in itself? Who cares.

And if you liked the movie above, you're gonna love this one – even if it's only the trailer to it. By Tamir Moscovici.


open house at fischer classic cars

There's something happening in the suburbs of Lucerne. Just next door to Schaub Metalworks, there's Fischer Classic Cars, specializing in pre-war cars with a focus on vintage Fords. Check out some pics from their open house.


black topless

I'm not a fan of convertibles. I don't like their look and I don't like their attitude. And on top of that, the missing top breaks up the flowing lines that make a coupe looking so elegant. But there are a few exceptions. Like the one above.


open house at schaub metalworks

The paint was still wet on the walls of Raphael's shop Schaub Metalworks but he decided to throw an open house party. A very smart move, we think. And we are not alone as there were loads of people floating around all day long, enjoying cold beers and hot stuff from the bbq.


ACES party germany

We had a great time at the annual ACES party in Ravensburg, Germany. The party has become some kind of tradition over the last couple of years and it has also become a tradition to see one of our cars breaking down on the way there. But what the hell, smooth sailing is for losers. Thanks to Jessi and Chris and all their helpers for the fantastic evening. And special thanks to the Shoplifters C.C. for roadside assistance.