the perfect stance

I think it's one of my favourite car and custom related topics: the perfect stance. While the wheels may make or break a car, it's the stance what it's all about. There could be books or scientific theories about getting the perfect stance but I don't think it would help. Mostly, it's easy to see whether a car sits right or wrong. But it takes so much more of knowledge and skills to get it there. Just look at this '32 roadster project. The wheels are there, And the stance is there. Of course, it could have a more pronounced rake. Or it might be higher or lower. But just the way it sits now, it's just right. It's got the perfect stance. (Bielle Chaude)


making of: 1949 chevrolet coupe

As I already told you, my 1949 chevrolet coupe was built by Kyle Phillips, a talented young guy from La Mesa. Here are some pics of the build-up and the restoration. Being a professional welder, Kyle did all of the metalwork himself. The roof was chopped three inches, the headlights were frenched, hood and trunk nosed and decked and the doorhandles shaved as well. Engine is a 235 inline six from a 1958 chevy truck and it was rebuilt by drag racing legend Dode Martin. It was balanced, the heads reworked, and it got a 3/4 Schneider race cam, an Offenhauser dual intake and a Fenton split manifold leading into dual exhausts with glasspacks. Or in short: Wide whites and rapping pipes. This is what it's all about and that's how they did it way back in the early 50s.


summer sale: 1963 bel air

Sad but true: Alex has to part with his fullsize cruiser, a 1963 Chevrolet Bel Air that has originally been assembled in Switzerland (montage suisse). It's in very good condition, lowered three inches and has a flawless stock interior. It's yours for 17'000 swiss francs. Go to Alex' MySpace to get in touch with him. I hope that the next owner of my old Chevy will take care of this great ride just as Alex did, as it deserves a good home.

once you go black...

...you never go back. Or something like that. Whatever, black is my all time favourite car colour, whether it's for a custom, a classic or – more than anything else – a traditional hot rod. And when it comes to black traditional hot rods, this 1932 Ford 3-window coupe, formerly owned by hamber 3wLarry, is one of the best. Nothing more and nothing less. Check out the latest pics of this stunning coupe and find out why black is the new black. (HAMB)


low job

Rich just sent me these pics of his killer '53 Ford Customline. While he had completed the restoration some time ago, he felt that the car was in urgent need of some more mods in order to fit his image of a bitchin' kustom. This spring, mister Solèr started working on a new grill which was chromed last week. The freshly installed airride suspension allows adjusting the perfect stance with the flick of a switch. Check out the before pic to appreciate the low job in all its glory. Future plans call for a new paintjob, but that's another story.


oldstyle weekend sihlbrugg

A gravel pit, cool cars, like minded people and some great bands: This is what the Oldstyle Weekend is all about. And this is all we need to have a great party. And boy what a party it was, with more participants than ever before, sunshine, almost no rain and even a delicious breakfast on sunday morning. One of my favourites was the "racing" action. Hopefully there're gonna be more racers next year. Click here for some pics I took or enjoy the slideshow.

First contestants were the Solèr bros in their 1927 roadster.

Yeah baby!

Dry lakes racing reloaded.

Bierli Trinkä is not a crime.

Nice El Camino.