open house: solèr speed shop

The great thing about the weather in Switzerland is: We don't need no stinkin forecast. It's gonna rain anyway. So it did on saturday. Raindrops in all sizes and shapes. But nevermind the humidity, we had one hell of a time anyway. More pics...


annual inspection

Where's that time machine when you need it? Damn.


saturday, may 29: open house

The guys at the Autospenglerei Solèr welcome you to their annual OPEN HOUSE on saturday, May 29. From 2 pm, drinks will be flowing, tunes playing and the bbq will be crammed with tasty meat. All this is said to be surrounded by a bunch of vintage iron. Sounds good? This is how it looked like last year.


killer coupe

Stance is everything. Especially on a tuesday that feels like monday. Whatever... you can't go wrong with a full fendered deuce coupe with a killer stance and a killer roof chop.


new shoes

Much has been said and written about the impact wheels have on the appearance of a car. Theories, right? But as we all know, nothing beats experience. So I was more than surprised by the dramatic change of looks my newly acquired Olds sombrero caps did to my 1949 coupe. I always liked the stock hubcaps and still like em, but those full wheelcovers are a real throwback to the heydays of the subtle and classy early customs. More pics here. Big thanks to Mark of Stylish Kustoms for selling me those beauties.

1936 again

Those 1936 coupes are starting to grow on me. Just saw another one last sunday at a small classic car meeting, recently imported from Pennsylvania. Other than that, there were a couple more nice cars but that damn rain made it difficult to take pictures.



Check out these great shots by John Jackson of NotStock Photography. Make me wanna cruise forever and ever and ever and ever...


coming up this saturday

Werner from Rock'n Roll Tattoo is celebrating the 18th anniversary of his tattoo parlor. If you wanna join, all you have to do is getting your butt to the Nordportal in the cozy swiss town that is Baden. There will be bands playing all saturday, a custom car and bike show and of course lots of tattooing.


more pics...

Click on the above pic for the entire coverage of the ACES Europe Chapter party or try the terrific slideshow.


smokin' shutdown #22

The latest issue of Smokin' Shutdown is out now. Look out for my first feature I did on Beat's 1931 roadster!


aces party germany: roadsters

Here are some roadsters from the ACES party in Ravensburg. The first one is owned by HP, Lucerne's long time hot rodder. His 1928 roadster is equipped with a blown french flathead, covered by a one-off aluminium hood, built by our metal man Raph.

On the way to Germany which took us about 3 hours.

Dieter's bitchin 1932 roadster.

Beat's 1931 roadster. Check out the full feature I did about this car for the upcoming Smokin' Shutdown mag.


california or bust

Way to go, ladies.


aces party germany: 1936 ford coupe

There's something outright sinister about Coupes. If they're done right. They don't necessarily need to be chopped. They don't need to be anything at all, if they got attitude. This '36 coupe I photographed at the ACES Europe Chapter party in Germany looked like a survivor from a couple of decades ago. Might have been a heavy contender in some local street racing. Wearing its scars with pride. Gone through several hands, showing signs of various personalities. Actually, I don't know, but it just looks like that.