barn build

Sometimes you find the coolest stuff at the most unexpected places. It started with the invitation to a vintage style summer night party on the countryside in central Switzerland. When we got there, we were welcomed by a more than 100 years old hotel. As some other guests brought some old american iron to the event, I took a few photos. While running around the hotel site, I passed an old barn where some young guys were working on a ricer. Nothing interesting I thought. But when I got closer, I spotted the roof of an old Ford in the small garage. I got even closer and noticed that the roof of what turned out to be a 1930 Ford pickup truck was chopped! After a chat with the countryside hot rodders, I found out that the owner of the truck is going to channel it. And there's even a french Cargo flathead waiting on a shelf... Cool as hell.


just another chopped merc

There will always be a place in my heart (and in my garage, too) for a chopped Mercury Coupe. Especially if it's such a badass car like the one you see above. As there are literally tons of chopped mercs around in all sizes and shapes, it must be hard to build one that's subtle and classy but stands out from the (merc) crowd at the same time. This one definitely does. Pictures from the HAMB.


1947 chevrolet aerosedan

Sandro Vogel lives in the western part of Austria, close to the swiss border. I met him at the Solèr Speed Shop Open House, together with his daily driver and grocery getter, a bagged 1955 Chevrolet 210 with a 350 engine. His first car ever, by the way. He told me about his new project, a 1947 Chevrolet Aerosedan. In my eyes, they are something like factory customs and don't need much improvement, apart from lowering and maybe a cool paintjob. He just sent me the pics above and I did a quick photoshop, as I simply couldn't wait to admire the future stance of this awesome car. Of course, he's gonna bag it and it should be up and running next summer. Way to go, dude!


custom parts & wear: open house

This must have been one of the most international open houses at Custom Parts & Wear ever. Pinstriping artists from Japan, guests from the USA and Germany and of course lots of people from all over Switzerland made for an extraordinary atmosphere around the shop. Click here to check out some pics or enjoy the slideshow. Want some more? Check out the excellent pics on the Crazy Cruisers website.



Don't miss Europe's biggest indoor show for traditional kustoms, hot rods and bikes!


soler speed shop open house 2008

Summer in Switzerland usually means lots of rain. So, you gotta make the most of now, as long as the sun is shining. Last saturday was perfect in every way as we ate, drank, cruised and talked almost at the same time, thanks to the Soler Speed Shop Open House. Check out the pics or enjoy the slideshow on my flickr album.