now and then

Some things need no further explanation. Maybe I could tell you that this car was built by a very talented guy from Norway in his garage. And maybe I could tell you that it took him a little more than one year to build it. But let the pictures speak for themselves. Found on the HAMB, as usual. IMHO, on of the most beautiful '36 ford kustoms of all times.


the return of hot rod deluxe

If HOT ROD is the magazine where it all began, then Hot Rod Deluxe is the mag where it all began for me. Back in 2000, I stumbled across the second (and last) edition of Hot Rod Deluxe at a small local newsstand. When I saw the cover, I hardly couldn't believe it. And when I flipped through the pages, I thought that this is too good to be true. Of course I bought it immediately and soon I realized that there's a whole new (or let's say old?) world beyond billet wheels and dakota digital dashboards.

Now it's back and the first issue just hit the american newsstands. Here you can find out more about HRD. And if you want to read some feedback on the first issue, there's a thread on the HAMB about it. As usual, it will take some time until it's gonna be available around here.


kustomrama: wikipedia for rods & kustoms

There's an interesting new website online: Kustomrama is the wikipedia for the traditionally minded hot rodder and kustom addict. Actually, Kustomrama ain't that new as it used to be a traditional rod & kustom oriented online magazine and marketplace. But the concept is new: As the term wikipedia indicates, the website is based on user generated content. So, feel free to contribute with your own stories and pictures! Don't wait to check it out as there's some great stuff online already.


as seen on autoscout24

Found this ad today on autoscout24. A nice surprise finding a well-known rod among all of those usual classic cars. What surprises me even more is how fast this car changes hand again. I knew since some weeks that this car resides in Switzerland, after it was sold just a few months ago on eBay Germany. Maybe the current owner gave up after driving it for the first time to the mfk (tüv, mot or whatever you call it in your country)? Anyway, I hope to see it on swiss roads again.


traditional hot rods vs. cal look vw

To most people, the 1932 Ford Roadster is the quintessential hot rod. As I am both into cal look VWs and traditional rods and kustoms as well, I often observe similarities between those two "worlds". I think that a traditional Cal Look bug has several aspects in common with a '32 Ford. For example, when it comes to building one of them in traditional style, you really have to find your own path between tradition and your own ideas and personal taste. There are many attempts (some successful, many not) to build that perfect car. There are lots of cal look bugs that really capture "the look". May it be the combination of stance, details, selection of parts and performance or whatever. Same for the '32 Deuce. Lots of them were built during the last six or seven decades. And it keeps getting harder to build a car that really stands out from the crowd (or from the cars already built) but still captures the traditional spirit. This is why I like those cars so much, both of them. You have to get deeply involved, learn from the past, use your own imagination and you'll build something unique that respects the tradition. It's all about attention to details and a constant strive for perfection. Well, just some thoughts on a snowy friday. :-)


surfinchrome: 1929 ford model a build-up

There's a new rod in town. Basel resident Deniz just acquired this cool 1929 Ford model A roadster project and promised to document the build-up on his new blog surfinchrome. The car was imported from the states and was built on a pair of '32 frame rails. Brakes are finned Buick drums on Lincoln backing plates, the rear end is going to be a Ford 9". Good luck and happy building!


crazy cruisers' winter sale

Do you need a serious christmas present or do you just want to cruise in style next summer? The Crazy Cruisers are selling some of their rides. Among them there are two awesome kustoms, built by Momo with swiss quality and traditional kustom ideas in mind: Silvie's 1951 Chevy Fleetline and his own bagged '65 Impala Coupe are currently up for sale.


'55 chevy gasser

Here are some more pics from my recent trip to Scandinavia. Besides visiting old junkyards and driving thousands of kilometres, we spend one weekend at Gardermoen raceway, Oslo's local drag strip. One of my favourite cars was this 1955 chevy two door post gasser. According to its current owner, it was built during the sixties in California and left untouched until today. Apart from the radials... imho a set of period bias plys would really make this car. Cool anyway.