yaril's customs

As some of you may know, I've got a soft spot for old vee dubs, while I'm at the same time deeply into traditional american iron. Talk about two hearts beating in my chest... The more people I meet, the more I realize that there are lots of 'em with a wider horizon than you'd imagine at first. Anything goes, as they say. Well, as long as it's done with style. One of them is custom builder Yaril, who just launched his website in order to promote his newly established business Yaril's Customs. He's working on various cars, blending american and european influences, but all of them got one thing in common: Yaril's great eye for a distinct style, based on simplicity. And on a serious lowering.


  1. kid's good. he's credible. yaril's got a keen eye for style.

  2. you won't meet a guy who treats cars better. definitely worth it to go to him

  3. this is a guy who i respect and admire.for who he is and what has accomplished.god bless brother leo