the simple truth

Once more, I say, less is more. And stance is everything. I know, I wrote this before, and I posted this 1932 roadster before (though it wasn't finished at that time), but there are things that don't wear out. Things like simplicity, and you got it, stance. (Bielle Chaude)


speed shop oberaargau

Traditional Hot Rods are being built everywhere... you just gotta keep your eyes open. I just visited a fellow ACES member Raphael, a talented young builder working on his model a project. Just a sneak peak into his garage... stay tuned for more to come.


cool car / cool vid / cool song

See, it doesn't get much cooler than this... John Mearns' 1936 Ford 3-Window, presented by Jeb's Metal & Speed. (HAMB)


chevs of the 40s

Another weekend, wrenching, welding, grinding, enjoying, having fun. Old Chevy Coupes rule.


the hot rod hayride 2009

Still not sure where to go on your summer vacation? Why not spend some days in the UK, a place famous for tons of sunshine and just a little rain... or vice versa? Whatever, if you plan to attend the Hot Rod Hayride you don't care much for the weather anyway. Just check out those awesome pics from the 2008 hayride and you'll get right in the mood for mud. (pics © The Hot Rod Hayride)


the finnish flavor

Spring is here again and it's bringing back car-related events, even if they're held indoor like the American Car Show in Helsinki, Finland. I've never been there before but when I saw these awesome shots by HAMBer attitudor I felt the strange urge to book a flight to Helsinki in April 2010. Oh well... for now, I'll stick with the photos online like the ones from Tero Virta or in the Flickr Pool. Btw. in case you happen to be one of the lucky guys to have been there and you even took some nice pics, feel free to post a link here in the comments.


building a bomb

Nothing dangerous, just a sunday afternoon visit at Dave's Lowrider Garage in a Lucerne suburb. He's currently building a 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe 4 door, also known as the perfect starting point for a traditionally styled early lowrider. If you still don't know what he's up to, you better check out Chevybombs.com.

The bomb and its natural habitad


dare to be different

Every traditionalist knows how difficult it is to allow for changes. But a tempting thing about tradition is that you can take some well-known elements out of it and blend them into something new. If you do it smart and you stick to a certain sense of style (you can call it good taste), you're able to create something cool. If you don't, as this is something really difficult and most people prefer to stay slaves to tradition, you screw it up. I think, Roddy Moore's 1949 shoebox is proof that sometimes a little thinking outside the box is well worth the effort. Do you dare to be different? (Garage Magazine)


aces on tour

There's no better way to spend a saturday than a little road trip with some friends in a couple of old heaps. That's exactly what we did with fellow ACES car club members some weeks ago, when we visited Chris and his Four Aces Rod'n Roll Shop in southern germany, went on to Austria, continued to Liechtenstein and headed back home to Switzerland. Yes you're right, four countries in just one afternoon. Just driving. That's what it's all about, right?