the schaub coupester (part 2)

It's been quite some time since my last visit at the Speed Shop Oberaargau. But in the meantime, ACES member Raphael was busy and even more creative, as he fabricated a grille shell from scratch. Original 1932 grilles keep getting harder to come by, so our hero builder, being a true hot rodder at heart, decided to "build it – don't buy it". And here's what he's come up with: a beautiful track nose inspired aluminium grille shell. Way to go, dude. Click here to view more pics.


saturday: oldstyle sihlbrugg

Get ready for the Oldstyle Meeting in Sihlbrugg, right in the middle between Zurich and Lucerne. The cool event is traditionally held in a gravel pit and open to pre-65 cars only. Click here to check out the pics from last year!


the deadend blog

When it comes to photography and style, the Deadend Magazine is one of the best publications, online or printed. Just my 0.02$... But as with any other favourite mag, there's always too much time to kill before the fresh issue arrives. So, the Deadend guys did have mercy and provide us with some eyecandy in the shape of their Deadend Blog. Thanks, guys.


follow the sign

Being a road trip addict and loving old car stuff, I especially like vintage motels... Nothing beats the feeling of being stranded in a town far away from home and finding an old motel... with that special smell in the room, a mix of cleaning agent and mothballs, the anonymity and that strange but good feeling of having found a new temporary home. Here's a small photo collection I started during my So-Cal trip in january.



While browsing through Rik Hoving's pics from the latest Lead Parking in Sweden, I stumbled across this Chevy Nova station wagon. Of course, there were more impressive cars, really beautiful traditional customs with breathtaking modifications. But there's something very appealing about this little car. I'm not sure whether it's the great scallops (usually I'm not a big fan of them), the fact that I dig station wagons in general, the choice of color or the stance. Well, it's probably all of this. And I love it.


hangar rockin' 2009

During the last 8 years, the Hangar Rockin' has grown into a huge event. It attracts people from all over Europe, each for their own reason, may it be pre-60 american cars, hot rods, customs, rockabilly or kustom kulture. As the event is growing I'm also growing older. And I tend to forget stuff... So I forgot to recharge the batteries of my camera. Damn. It ran out of power right in the middle of saturday, just before the 1/8 mile hot rod race was said to start. As a twist of fate, the race didn't take place anyway, due to some heavy rain. But it sucked big time, as there were many interesting and fast cars, I'd like to have seen on the strip. Click here to check out the pics I took before my batteries conked out...


dig this

If you're reading this, you're most likely into traditional kustoms. And therefore, you should check out Stylish Kustoms, a cool blog devoted to traditional custom cars. Thanks to Rich from the Los Padres Locos C.C. for the link.


2009 race 61, finowfurt germany (1/2)

Here we go... some brilliant pics taken by Sonja Moser at the 2009 Race 61 in Finowfurt, Germany.

race 61, finowfurt germany (2/2)