winfield watson custom car gathering

Last sunday, we hit the road right into the Mojave desert to join the festivities at the Winfield Watson Custom Car gathering. The turnout wasn't as big as on saturday but nevertheless there were many cool cars on site. Not even to speak of Gene Winfields incredible place... He could build an entire car show just out of his back yard. More to come soon.


burbank bonanza

Not many updates lately, I know. But it's well worth the wait as while you're reading this, I'm travelling the car culture capital of the world that is SoCal. And I already saw plenty of cool stuff. As the october El Mirage meet got cancelled I was kinda pissed, because I had planned my whole trip around it. But nevertheless the journey couldn't have had a better start than a visit at Chris Casny's shop in Burbank. Not just because he's a great guy. I was also looking forward to check out my favorite model A ford coupe. Yeah, the black one which already graced the pages of this blog. And as you can see, there's some more stuff Chris is currently working on.

Chris' freshly chopped shoebox.

This is gonna be killer, too: a 36 three window coupe.

And while we were checking out Chris' amazing shop, Sandy Wachs of the Choppers stopped by. Stay tuned for lots more pics and stories.


california hot rod reunion

There are tons of great photos from last weekend's california hot rod reunion on the HAMB but it's always interesting to check out another point of view. Especially when it's crowned by the brilliant photography the speedhunters guys are famous for. Check out part 1, part 2 and part 3 of their event coverage.


the alchemist

It's brutal and beautiful at the same time: The Alchemist was one of the most impressive cars at this year's Hot Rod Hayride. The 1933 ford 5-window coupe gasser is equipped with a blown early hemi and sports a lot of cool details. It's the whole package that really makes it stand out but it wouldn't be the same without the stunning lettering job by Neil Melliard of Prosign.


history monday

Being an avid custom car aficionado, you surely know about the devastating fire at the Barris premises in Lynwood in 1957. While this definitely was the biggest bad luck possible, there were several smaller incidents with the Barris bros and their creations involved. Evel of Mad Fabricators does a great job maintaining the Barris Kustom City blog and is currently revealing some interesting chapters in Barris history.

now on kustomrama!

Sondre of Kustomrama did a great article on my 1949 Chevy which was built by Kyle Phillips. Click here to read the whole story.


hh #4

Where the action is! www.hotrodhavoc.com


living history

This is M. Bernard Couch, 86 years old and a member of the California Roadsters. He still owns – and drives – the same 1932 ford roadster he's had for 65 years. So don't fucking tell me this is just a hobby. (photos © HAMB / philly the greek)


bass builds

Brian Bass, talented hot rod builder from Dallas, Texas recently impressed everyone in the know with an epic road trip in his hemi powered model A coupe. Follow his blog to check out his latest builds.

summer redux


winfield & watson custom car gathering

This is something I've been looking forward to for weeks now: the annual Winfield & Watson Custom Car Gathering on October 23 and 24. For more info and pics from previous years, go to the Kustomrama site. See you there! (photo © hardtstein)


chrome won't get you home...

...but it will get you laid. At least, that's what they say.



history of the custom

If you're into traditional customs then you'd better book your flight to L.A. right now. Several hardcore custom aficionados from the HAMB are working on a display to remember: History Of The Custom will showcase several of the most famous cars in custom history. All of this is gonna take place at GNRS in January 2011. Click here to have a sneak peek at some of the invitees.


last weekend II

Stopped at my buddy's garage to check out that beautiful lady in blue.

last weekend

A couple of random shots of Roger's cool 1955 bel air wagon.