burbank bonanza

Not many updates lately, I know. But it's well worth the wait as while you're reading this, I'm travelling the car culture capital of the world that is SoCal. And I already saw plenty of cool stuff. As the october El Mirage meet got cancelled I was kinda pissed, because I had planned my whole trip around it. But nevertheless the journey couldn't have had a better start than a visit at Chris Casny's shop in Burbank. Not just because he's a great guy. I was also looking forward to check out my favorite model A ford coupe. Yeah, the black one which already graced the pages of this blog. And as you can see, there's some more stuff Chris is currently working on.

Chris' freshly chopped shoebox.

This is gonna be killer, too: a 36 three window coupe.

And while we were checking out Chris' amazing shop, Sandy Wachs of the Choppers stopped by. Stay tuned for lots more pics and stories.


  1. Thanks for stopping by, you are always welcome.

  2. thank you, Chris! we enjoyed the shop tour and chatting with you.