hot rod reunion 2011 by speedhunters

The annual hot rod reunion at the Famoso drag strip in Bakersfield probably is the world's best event for vintage drag racing. If you combine this with the cutting-edge photography the guys at Speedhunters are famous for, you get one hell of an event coverage: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. Have a great weekend. (photos © Mike Garrett)



hot rod magazine blowout

Winter time is clean-up time. That's why Chris and Manu of Custom Parts & Wear invited everyone to their sale of surplus magazines combined with delicious cake and drinks. A good idea and a nice afternoon except for the bloody cold weather.


the survivor

Maybe you already know the story behind Mox Miller's 1958 Impala from the Rodder's Journal feature. Maybe not. No matter what, it is unbelievable. Just watch and marvel. (via Flakes'n Primer)


dare to bare

Some outtakes from the 1939 Linconln Zephyr shoot in the old town of La Puente, California. Check out issue #19 of the french POWERGLIDE magazine for the entire feature. Thanks to Rich Soto for letting me shoot his fantastic car.

low tech

Whether it has four or two wheels: It's all about getting to the essence of the machine. Or in this case, the essence of MACHINE, a great video from matt machine on machineshed.blogspot.com.


the fall and the furious

Cruise [krooz]: To travel at a constant speed or at a speed providing maximum operating efficiency for a sustained period.


irene's coupe

Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere (in a hot rod).


evolution of a kustom

There's more than one way to build a traditional kustom. Probably the most traditional way is to do it like Mark Garza does: Take a used but nice car from the 1940s, and while you enjoy driving it, you modify it step by step. Rolling kustomization... the way they did it back in the days. (photos © Mark Garza)

Period correct stance.

A stylish kustom indeed.

With a little tweaking on the colors and contrast, the photo looks like it was found in an old scrapbook.

As in most cases, a lowering job was the initial modification.

This is how Mark found the car when he traded it against his old 1957 Chevy wagon.


coming soon: cast iron magazine

Cheatersville, the Electroline Diaries, Rebel Motorcycles Ltd: With a background like these books, there's no need to tell you that Laurent Bagnard's latest baby is gonna be good. Cast Iron is said to become "a cool mix of past fragrance and nowadays' colors, a 4-stroke beat which is common to both cast-iron engines and rock'n'roll." Sounds good to me.


a new box in town

It's mean, it's black, it's the mystery machine. Yes, there's a new shoebox in town as Remo made his dream come true and got himself this good old Ford two door sedan. Even better, the car just received the approval of the authorities. Right on, dude. (pics © Tom Arnold)


chopped by chris cooper

Sorry guys for having to check back for weeks without any sign of life here. I just returned from a vacation and while I'm getting back on track, you can enjoy the latest pictures from one of my favorite photographers. Chris Cooper does an amazing job capturing the australian hot rod scene and obviously had one hell of a time at the Chopped 2011 in Newstead, Australia. (photos © crcooperphotography)