spot the difference

Arizona based Frenchy Dehoux is a long time aircooled VW enthusiast. Some years ago, he decided to try something new by jumping into the build of a traditional 1932 roadster. At the first glance it may look like the quintessential 1950s hot rod, due to its black and red paint scheme. But get a little closer and you're gonna spot a really cool engine. And while you're at it, you're soon gonna realize why Frenchy earned his nickname "Dr. Detail". (HAMB)


tuck'n roll

Bought myself a cheap spotlight and fiddled around with it in the '49 coupe... Looks ok but I need some more practice. And damn, that 500 Watts light bulb gets hot.


hot rod & art show, weil am rhein

Don't miss the 2009 Hot Rod & Art Show in Weil am Rhein, Germany. It's right at the swiss border, only a couple of minutes from Basel. Check out my shots from last year.


airborne hot rods

Last saturday, we went to a historic airshow in Kestenholz, Switzerland. I'd never call myself an aircraft enthusiast, but if you're into traditional hot rods, you're bound to come across airforce history sooner or later. It's a well-known fact that due to WW2, the early hot rod evolution came to a break. But as many young men that joined the army returned after the war with a whole lot of newly acquired mechanical skills, keen on trying them on their roadsters, they turned the whole thing into a true hot rod revolution: the dry lakes, the first hot rod shows, the birth of drag racing and so on. Anyway, it was a great experience to check out those historic airplanes, sitting in a field or blasting across the clear blue sky. Unfortunately, I only took a few pics. Update: I just added ten more pics!


hemi hillclimb video

Watch this 1927 Roadster doing the hillclimb at the 2009 A-Bombers Oldstyle Weekend in Sweden and blasting down the freeway afterwards. Click here or on the pic above. Impressive!


the deacons in paso 1999

Deacons of San Diego member Roger D. Starkey sent me the link to some of his old videos he recently put on youtube. Click here to check out more of the raw Deacons footage from 10 years ago.


oldstyle meeting sihlbrugg

Sometimes, it's so easy to have tons of fun on a saturday. Take a gravel pit in the middle of nowhere, add some old cars (preferably hot rods, customs and one or another beat up stocker) and boil it all together under a hot august sun. Cool it down with some beers and enjoy it without moderation. Click here for an illustrated event coverage.


classic custom ads (volume 6)

Something for the weekend... What used to be a boring four door sedan is now a sleek and elegant kustom waiting in front of a hotel lobby. While the folks are getting ready for some downtown cruising, you might check out the chopped roof, the two door conversion, the lack of hood ornaments and door handles or the wide whitewalls... Click here for some of my previous photochopped ads.


a-bombers oldstyle weekend sweden

What a shame... I still couldn't make it to the A-Bombers meeting in Sweden. There are so many great pics floating around the web so it bothers me even more... some of the best I've seen so far are the ones by Hamber Peepin eyes. But there are also tons of amazing stuff on Sondre's Kustomrama site.


hot rod reunion 2004

Don't know what it is, but this car looks familiar to me.
(Photo © Deadendcruisers.com)