customzone 2009

Customzone 2009 meant two days of hot rod and kustom extravaganza... with cool displays of cars from the ACES, Cheaters, Crazy Cruisers, Haters, Los Padres Locos, Draggers... kustom kulture artists like Empire32, Mr. Kool, Al's Tiki... and speaking of Tikis, even a refreshing tiki bar. Big thanks to Manu and Stöffel and all of their helpers who did one hell of a job with putting up an indoor show that Switzerland's never seen before. Click here for more pics.


sneak peek

My favourite car at the Customzone 2009... Stay tuned for more to come.


chopping a fleetline

Chopping a car – assumed it's gonna have to look better than before – is no easy task. Chopping a fastback is even harder. This Chevy Fleetline is a great proof that it can be done... and it shows how it's done right. Click here for more pics. (ChevyTalk.org)


deep purple

Sorry for the dumb title... but I just couldn't resist. This bitchin leadsled is a 1951 Chevy that's being built by Ian Berky. He literally took hundreds of photos during the build, so I'll let the pictures do the talking. There are four albums: 1, 2, 3 and 4. Check 'em out.


movie: massen dirt track 2009

Dirt track fever in Germany, or what..? After some test runs, things got serious at the first Massen Dirt Track Race. Check out the cool video above or click here for part 1. (Flakes'n Primer)

customzone 2009

One more week to go... don't miss the Customzone 2009.


not channeled... (part II)

You probably remember this radical Chevy... now it's painted by kustom legend Gene Winfield himself. Cool.

once upon a time

This is one of the coolest vintage style shots I've seen in a while. Obviously, it's a 1936 three-window coupe in the purest Westergard fashion and it reminds me a lot of the famous Calori coupe, but I'm not sure if it's the same car. It lacks the big front bumper guard while it sports a set of white walls, which Mr. Calori was known to hate.


headbanging finsterwalde germany

A couple of pics only from this year's Headbanging in Finsterwalde, Germany, held by the Hot Heads East. Photography © by Sonja Moser. If you want to see more of last year's edition, check out my two galleries: Album 1 or Album 2.


aces in the dirt

It ain't x-mas yet, but receiving these photos this morning was like a little gift. I think you like them, too and we should thank Sonja Moser and her photographic talent for these great shots. She took them last weekend when several members of the ACES Car Club went to Finsterwalde to attend the annual Headbanging, the famous 1/8 mile hot rod race in eastern Germany.


european hot rods

A couple of weeks ago, I went to watch the GP Suisse in Berne. It's a memorial held to celebrate the last swiss grand prix in 1954. After that, circuit racing in Switzerland got banned. While I didn't like the whole snobby feel of the event, I definitely enjoyed to see, to hear and to smell a lot of wonderful vintage machinery. Click here to see what I saw.


hot rod reunion & el mirage

This is cool. I just found a couple of more shots of my '49 Chevy on the fabulous but sleeping Deadendcruisers site. The above pic is from the 2003 Hot Rod Reunion at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, the photos below are from an SCTA meet at El Mirage.