spring has sprung

Took the 49 out for a little test drive. With new tires, plugs, and fresh oil. And it seemed like it all worked together just fine.


an afternoon at the tattoo convention

I like old cars. And I like friendly people. Even more so, I like the places where these two things congregate. The Tattoo Convention during the Trashtown Festival in Baden, Switzerland was one of those places. And while I'm not necessarily into the whole rockabilly-kustom-lifestyle-inkniron-kulture-thing I appreciate having a good time. Here are some shots from this past Saturday.

Some fellas and some Fords.

An old Indian.

Mr. Schuppli's AV8 roadster.

Getting tattooed and getting weird looks.

This super rare Mercury Commuter wagon sounded sweet, too.

Clean 54 Bel Air.

Girls tattoing girls. Somehow this sounds like a name for a new hipster band.

Mario's badass 41 Ford.

Remo's Shoebox also known as the Le Corbusier chop.

Marcel did a good job on adjusting the stance of his beautiful 61 wagon.

Switzerland's premier store for your kustom needs.