wanna race?

To get the new week started, just a tad more action from Switzerland's 100 years old race track. Click here for the slideshow.


color me rodd

Take a long look at this beauty. And tell me, sir: Ain't this one of the most bitchinest model a coupes in a long time? Sinister as hell. With a stance to scare the shit outta school girls. And still, there's something missing. No it's not the glass. It's the paint. Sure it's got some primer on it. And this is where the problems start. In fact, André, my buddy from Frankfurt, owns this thing and he can't decide about the color. I can't help him either. This thing is looking so mean just in plain ol' primer. So why paint it, you're asking? Well, you know. Some things just have to be done. They have to be finished. So, if you happen to have an idea about the perfect color, drop us a line, post a comment or whatever. But don't suggest to paint it black. There's nothing wrong with black at all. It's the perfect hot rod color. But hey, there's gotta be something else. Are you up for the challenge, batman? P.S. Go to our Facebook page to join the coupe color contest and win a free LOWTECH print of choice! (photos © André Urban)


back on track

There should be more tuesdays like this: take a 100 year old race track and throw in some vintage sprint and indy cars, a couple of motorcycles and enough beer and bratwurst for everyone. Only once a year and only on the Offene Rennbahn in Zurich Oerlikon, Switzerland's last existing open race track.


road devils bbq

It was not the largest hot rod event, but it was one of the coolest evenings this summer: the Road Devils Road Trip BBQ. Great people, nice cars and a fantastic location. A little bit late, but with a lot of great memories, here are some of the photos I took.


the schaub 3 window coupe

Another outtake from my photoshoot for FUEL issue ten. Have a nice weekend.


dirty deeds done in germany

Dirt track racing is still going strong in Germany. One of the most popular events is the annual Rust'n Dust Jalopy, held on the historic race track of Teterow. And while most people keep complaining about the shitty summer weather in Europe, it seems like it only added to the fun. LOWTECH collaborator – or let's say collaboratress – Sonja Moser provided us once more with some fantastic photos.

photo © Jan Leichsenring / ponyfotos


'48 merc

Goran Lassell's 1948 Mercury leadsled. Outtake from my photoshoot for Powerglide magazine #22.


el magic

It was one of those magic el mirage moments. I was just strolling around, the sun was high and so was I when that roadster on deuce rails turned up, driven by a gentleman smoking a cigar. He parked the car and I took a couple of minutes to take it all in. The E&J headlights, the aircleaner, the interior, the windshield. So many details, but it all fit the picture. Amazing.


backstreet coupes

A photoshoot usually ends up with a whole lotta pictures. But only a small amount of them is worth being published. A lot are junk for various reasons. And then there are the in betweens. This is one of them.