the lassell chevy

Another outtake from a photoshoot for the french POWERGLIDE magazine: Goran Lassell's 1952 Chevy, built by Sacramento Kustoms.


garza kustoms: a family affair

Whenever I get the opportunity to travel California's central coast, I really enjoy discovering and re-discovering this wonderful area. It always feels a bit like time travelling. The roads are straight and narrow. The towns are built on simple grids. A wide open sky stretches over seemingly endless fields. And there's an amazing heritage of custom car culture hiding in backyards, garages and shops.

But there's an even better reason why I'm always looking forward to meet up with Mark Garza and his dad Arnold: They're simply great people. And they work hard to keep their family's custom car tradition alive.


the lassell merc

Outtake from a photoshoot for the french POWERGLIDE Magazine: Goran Lassell's 1948 Mercury Kustom, built by Sacramento Kustoms.


1931 ford coupe (sold)

Ring in spring with a Hot Rod that needs nothing except for a new owner. Fellow ACES member and my almost-neighbor Chad is selling his 1931 Ford model A coupe.


art on wheels

John Mearns' 1936 Ford Coupe, built by Jeb's Metal and Speed, Long Beach.



It's silver and black on the outside. And it's silver and black on the inside.


locals only

We already featured Chad's machine shop. Now it's time to take a look at his rides. They represent one of those perfect combinations. A truck to haul hot rod parts. And a hot rod to haul ass. So to speak.