garza kustoms: a family affair

Whenever I get the opportunity to travel California's central coast, I really enjoy discovering and re-discovering this wonderful area. It always feels a bit like time travelling. The roads are straight and narrow. The towns are built on simple grids. A wide open sky stretches over seemingly endless fields. And there's an amazing heritage of custom car culture hiding in backyards, garages and shops.

But there's an even better reason why I'm always looking forward to meet up with Mark Garza and his dad Arnold: They're simply great people. And they work hard to keep their family's custom car tradition alive.

When we arrived on a late afternoon in February, we were greeted by Arnold Garza at his shop in Nipomo. He's currently building a 1941 Plymouth Coupe, owned by Gilbert Robles. Gilbert is another good friend of ours and runs a beautiful old school barber shop in Guadalupe.

A lot of custom work has been put into the Plymouth and there's still a long way to go until it will be ready to cruise the central coast's main streets and highways.

The Packard grille defines the front view of the car, perfectly blending in with the art deco feel of the coupe's original design. We like the way Arnold kept a part of the original grille's lower section. Another great reminiscence to the factory styling.

The chopped top is what really makes this car's sinister but elegant attitude.

Another great and very traditional custom touch: the bumper guard tail lights. Mark Garza made the tail light lenses. The fender skirts are mocked up and we're looking forward to the decision on their final design.

Gilbert has had a great idea for the interior but I won't give it away yet.

Arnold Garza does an amazing job and it feels easy to imagine the impact this kustom will make once finished.

It had been a long time since the Plymouth had seen the daylight. Here we rolled it a little bit out of the shop to appreciate the overall look. 

We're looking forward to the progress on Gilbert's Plymouth and will keep you posted.


  1. The shots are awesome as usual and that Packard is looking to become one sweet as ride! Dig the front and the rear bumpers with the bumperettes even more

  2. el Plymy esta chido...

  3. Arnold Garza does amazing work...good job...