down and dirty in hindenberg 1/2

Why is it that all the good events have to happen on the same weekend. One can't be everywhere and it seems like I can't do anything about it yet. So, it's great to count on the support of good friends providing us with photographic material from the things we missed. This time it was fellow ACES member Beat who sent me a bunch of fantastic pics he took at the german dirt track races in Hindenberg. Never heard of that place before? Neither did I. But the track looks like an amazing location. (photos © Beat Schuppli)


josh clason did it again

When it comes to high quality car culture videos, the name Josh Clason is a hallmark of excellence. Whether he covers hot rods or japanese cars or anything else with wheels, you can be sure to look forward to a couple of minutes of great entertainment with wonderful images and thoughtful story-telling. Check out his latest video Depth of Speed - A Pinch of Salt from HBTV on Vimeo.


the final w.a.r.

The final w.a.r. wasn't much of a war but rather a cool little car show with a lot of nice people. The term "final" on the other hand was the unfortunate truth as the amazing location, an old warehouse, won't be available any longer. So, maybe because all good things have got to come to an end, the Hot Rod & Art Show in Weil am Rhein, Germany is history. Thanks to the road devils for setting up a unique and friendly show and we're looking forward to see what's coming next. For now, you can check out some pics.


roadside relics

During my last california trip in June, I came across these ageing beauties. I don't remember where it was but it was a cool sight in the evening light. Follow the link to see more roadside relics.


flake & flames – the latest teaser

Check out Flake & Flames - Teaser III and take a sneak peak into the world of "Flake & Flames", an upcoming Kustom Kulture documentary featuring international artists like Dirty Donny, COOP, The Pizz, Von Franco, Dan Collins, Bob Spina, Frank Kozik, Robert Kruse, Big P, Pekka Wizz, Blaster, Empire 32, Nefarious and more... From Flake & Flames Film on Vimeo.


feel the paint

Killer paintjob. Picture © John Jackson.



On a nice summer day, grandpa did a cruise with his grandkids. He enjoyed it a lot but he could hardly keep up with the youngsters' pace. Oh youth.


a well-oiled collection

To be honest, I don't like collecting stuff. It just keeps getting in my way, it eats my money and it collects dust. So, it's cool to visit the collections of other people. That way, it's their business and I can enjoy it without all the hassle that ownership brings with it. I especially enjoyed the oil can collection of Fred Stoke. On the one hand because he's a nice gentleman, on the other hand because I was simply stunned by the variety and beauty of vintage oil can design. Or did you know that Saab ever had its own oil brand? See. For your today's dose of oil cans click here.


small town chevys

I ran across these two classic Chevys by pure coincidence. And that's one of the things I love about California. The birthplace of car culture. Picture taken in May 2011.


1933 roadster

Dana Harvey's 1933 Ford Roadster, built by Circle City Hot Rods. I took this picture in early June 2011.


a-bombers 2011 by mr. alcén

The annual a-bombers old style weekend in Sweden is one of the best and oldest traditional hot rod and custom events in Europe. And the number and attitude of cars never ceases to amaze me. Check out Mr. Alcén's photos.


hot rod hayride 2011 by nick grant

We all know those car show pics. But luckily, there are other ways of capturing a car show. UK based photographer Nick Grant is a master at finding that different angle, that view beyond the obvious. It seems like each of his pictures wants to tell a short story. See what he saw at the latest Hot Rod Hayride in the UK.


morning wood

Got up at sunrise on saturday morning and took the 49 for a spin. The early light was fantastic and turned the meadows to gold and green. Perfect timing for a little photoshoot.


fueltank.tv: craig metros

The first movie on Fuel Tank TV is online: Factory 6: Craig Metros. "Craig Metros is a Detroit born car designer, artist and hot rod builder and talks to us about moving from Detroit to Melbourne, what inspires him, and what it's like to build a hot rod that has fulfilled a childhood dream." Check it out and have a nice weekend!


how to build a time machine pt. 2

There's something special about old color photographs. Not unlike that movie I posted some time ago, they seem to bring you closer to the past. If you dig stuff like that, feel free to dive into the unique Charles W. Cushman photograph collection. But don't get lost. (as seen on Hemmings)