hot rod heaven for a fistful of dollars

This, gentlemen, is a personal recommendation. Because if you're here on this blog, you clearly dig traditional hot rods and kustoms. Chances are also that you're interested in seeing fresh stuff in a visually intriguing way. And while you're hanging out here anyway you might as well check out this brilliant movie Cal Thorley and his pals made down in New Zealand. Just start by watching the trailer above and if this isn't enough to make you spend ridiculous twelve bucks on this, take my word. It's more than worth it. Or maybe you'll believe me when I say: Watching this movie made me wanna move to New Zealand. Seriously. So, what are you waiting for?


monday movie: ian loska's coffee truck

Some of you may remember this radical 1934 Ford pick-up truck from the Suede Palace at this year's GNRS. I for myself remember running into its owner and builder Ian Loska at my buddy Eric's shop as well as at the local auto parts store in San Clemente. And since I had been following the build for quite a while I was happy to hear that Ian had it finished and he was willing to let me shoot it. The photos I took turned out nice enough to do the car justice and to get it on the cover of the Swedish GASOLINE Magazine.

The article came out great and I'm stoked about that but here's something that can't be shown on printed paper: the hot rod in action. Turn up the volume and enjoy!


oceanside coupe

A friend of mine once described Oceanside as the last blue-collar town on the Pacific Coast south of Los Angeles. I've been there a couple of times and indeed there's a more down-to-earth, hardworking, honest-to-god feel over the town. Some people might complain Oceanside is a little more rough on the edges than most other beach cities with their bleached boulevards and polished residential areas. I call it character. And I also think Ryan Allen's mean looking model A coupe lives and breathes that Oceanside spirit. It's sinister looking but it'll never let you down.


the smoke of w.a.r.

This slammed Chevy two door sedan symbolizes not one but two good news. The first thing is: After I had moved all my stuff to a new harddrive, I lost these shots from the Road Devils Car Show 2011 in Weil am Rhein aka W.A.R. Only a couple of days ago and under mysterious circumstances they resurfaced again. Woohoo. But I'm not only posting them in order to celebrate this but also because this summer on August 23 and 24 there's gonna be a new edition of this show appropriately named W.A.R. Undead. So, if you're in the area don't miss it. More than being just a car show it's rather a party among friends with some bitchin' cars and a lot of loud music.

swedes do it better

Looks like there's a sweet movie from Sweden about to hit our silver screens this June. Stay tuned, turn up the volume, and follow the Undertakers.