out of blog reply

Hey fellows, LOWTECH ain't down, I'm just enjoying some kind of delayed summer vacation in Florida. In order to keep you motivated for checking back from time to time, I post a couple of teaser pics from my visit at Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing in Ocala. Stay tuned.


swiss perfection on wheels

There are shoeboxes in all sizes and shapes. But there's one car that really stands out from the crowd, just because of being so subtle and understated. It's the 1950 Ford Shoebox built by Alexandre Negaty of Al's Tikis with good taste in mind and swiss perfection in execution. Follow the build up while learning a little bit of french, or check out his own photo gallery. (Bielle Chaude)


more than photography

Fellow blogger and photographer Alex Maldonaldo has started an initiative to help out his friend who was diagnosed Hodgin's disease, a type of lymphoma cancer. In order to raise the badly needed funds to cover the medical bills, Alex is selling some of his beautiful photos. Click here to find out more.


A new coupe in town

There are always two sides of a coin. So, I could either tell you various details like an unchopped five window model A coupe, a hopped-up fourbanger, mechanical brakes, 16 inch kelsey hayes wheels, bias plys, satin black. But actually, I prefer to say: What a bitchin' coupe.


open house: fischer classic cars

We got no Indian Summer around here, but we're currently having some pretty beautiful fall days. And what's better than spending them with some friends and around vintage tin just like at the open house of Fischer Classic Cars, a reputable swiss specialist for old Fords. By the way, the traditional hot rods almost outnumbered the stockers, but hey, who would complain? Pictures are here.


friday movie: coolest hot rod video ever

Jimmy White's Hemi powered Coupe rules. Click on the pic. And turn your damned speakers on.