alpine hot rodding (part one)

Last weekend, I finally managed to do a long awaited trip. No, I haven't been to the bonneville salt flats, but I visited my buddy Richard who lives in the south-east part of Switzerland. It's a region usually known for its world-famous holiday resorts like St. Moritz. Well, I do like snowboarding a lot but as I'm a gearhead I primarily wanted to check out Richard's body shop and some of his own cars. One of them is this period perfect 1927 t model roadster. And it truly is period perfect as it was built in the late 1940s by an airplane mechanic of the US airforce. The car is based on a model a frame and is motivated by a 1946 flathead with edmunds heads and some other speed parts. Check out this awesome roadster in my flickr photo album and find out why I simply couldn't resist when Richard asked me to take it for a ride around the block...


al's shoebox

One year ago, I posted a link to some photos of a shoebox build-up in Switzerland. During the last months, Al was working hard on his car: He did a 4 to 2 door conversion, executed a very nice roof chop, installed an airbag suspension and did a lot of subtle body modifications, not to speak of all the difficulties which occur on any car build. The result is something that is going to be one of Europe's most beautiful shoebox kustoms, imho. Check it out on Al's photo gallery.


this ain't no stinkin barn find

Yeah, because this is actually a garage find. And it's not just one but TWO 1932 ford three window coupes that have been unearthed. Both of them were sitting there since more than 30 years, and they're in the same ownership since 1957! The hot rodded one has got a 327 with a muncie 4 speed and... Well, just hop over to the HAMB to read the whole story. I'd almost bet this is the find of the year. At least it's the find of a lifetime!

1949 to 1954 chevy kustoms

Since the early 50s, the 1949 to 1954 chevys have been a kustomizers' favourite. Their swoopy lines make them look like a poor man's cadillac, in spite of their humble appearance. When you take a quick glance at a stocker, the most necessary modifications become obvious: it's mostly their mile high stance that screams for a major lowering job. And their roofline might need an improvement, too. They're easy to ruin but when nicely done, those early 50s chevys make for some of the finest traditional kustoms around. Check out 50chevy.com for tons of photos and interesting stuff.


'40 chevy coupe

Daan from the Rumblers Ruhrpott in Germany sent me these shots of his bad-ass '40 chevy coupe. Its killer stance is the result of an airbagged mustang II front end, the current engine set up is a 350 small block with edelbrock performer intake and an edelbrock 750 carb, with some updates to come... Transmission is a TH700, while the rear end is going to receive a 4-link suspension. Finishing touches are the primer brown paintjob and a set of wide whites. Awesome car!