made my year

Good ol' 2015 is about to say farewell. And tradition dictates it's that time again when we should look back and aknockledge all the things that went right during the past twelve months.

Of course, first and foremost it's my friends and my little (but growing) family that I'm endlessly thankful for. 2015 has been an amazing year when it comes to spending quality time with my beloved ones – both here in Switzerland and across the pond in the holy land of car culture that is California. Work has also been fine, phew, and it made sure I'm not only barely surviving but I'm able to actually do the stuff I love. And this directly leads me to that one project dearest to my hot rod and custom soul, as it is a pure result of passion: the second issue of my series of little books named LOWTECH.

So, can you imagine my level of stokedness, when a few days ago, on a cold December morning, my old and weary eyes spotted the photo and words above? Click here to check it out. For years now, The Jalopy Journal has been my major source of inspiration. From a traditional hot rod and custom afficionado's perspective, it heavily contributed to the one I am today: half-ass publisher and talentless business man, but full-hearted photographer, eager curator of speed and style and desperate follower of the old art of building cool things on four wheels. Thanks Ryan and happy new year to you all.


LOWTECH #2 – table of contents


- Nathan Sutton's 1932 Ford Fordor

- Mark Kawano's 1962 Chrysler

- The Dragmaster Files

- Surfin' Wheels San Clemente CA

- Brett Miller's 1931 Ford Roadster

- Oceanside Nights

- Jay Dean's 1929 Ford Roadster

- John Boley's 1965 Cadillac

- The Cheaters at Pendine Sands

Get yours at lowtech.bigcartel.com


out now: LOWTECH – The Second Issue

Head over to the webstore on the right hand side and get your copy now! Worldwide shipping! 


out now: LOWTECH – The Second Issue

See you this Saturday, December 12th, at the Mooneyes X-mas Party at Irwindale Raceway! And pick up your copy of LOWTECH – The Second Issue:
– Traditional Rods & Kustoms
– Cruisers, Drag Racing
– True Stories
– 100+ Pages

If you can't make it, you will be able to order it online after the show.