out now: kustomra'mag # 1

There's a new mag in town! Sondre of Kustomrama.com fame just started to publish Kustomra'mag, a photographic online magazine dedicated to traditional rods and kustoms. The photography is absolutely stunning, so you'll be glad to hear that you can order your favourite photos or even a printed softcover issue at the Kustomra'mag online store. Well worth to check it out right now!


top of the chops

Check out the latest creation of the Butchers from Germany and Austria. It all started some years ago with an idea based on a humble '56 Ford. Now it looks like this and it ain't finished yet! Cool as hell.


far east sleds

It's always inspirational to think out of the box, even if it's just geographically. To many, the Mooneyes show in Yokohama has put Japan on the map, but there's an impressive kustom movement going on besides of the big shows. It's not just the sheer amount of cars but it's rather the great eye for style which impresses me the most. Many of the japanese kustoms are slightly different to the ones seen in the USA or Europe. And it seems like the japanese guys like to go one step beyond. But they do it with a great feel for proportions, a lot of creativity and the famous japanese perfection in the details. Just have a look at those great event shots from the Strongers Kar Klub where I found the pics above or go the Mooneyes Japan event photo gallery.


1934 fordor to 5 window coupe

I'm still as impressed as when I saw the photos of this crazy transformation for the first time. Xavier, member of the Cheaters car club Geneva, Switzerland took the body a of 1934 fordor to build the awesome 5 window coupe you see on these pics. To check out some more shots, go to the Bielle Chaude forum or go to the Cheaters website to follow the whole build-up from the beginning.


hot rod hayride 2008

Don't know where to go on your summer vacation? Why don't you take a trip to the UK to check out the hot rod hayride? Not sure, yet? Check out the pictures from the previous years of this great event that is held by the Executioners Car Club. Cheers, mates.