season's greetings from LOWTECH

We at the LOWTECH headquarters wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year! Thank you all for the support and see you on the road in 2012.



nomadic you, nomadic me. i'm walking on my knees
nomadic you, nomadic me. a lot of things to see
i got a ticket for a nowhere ride,
everyday i've been a bit outside
nomadic you

(photo © Gregory Bojorquez)


summer flashback: kustom paint

Welcome to the wonderful world of kustom paintjobs. Seen at the Cruisin Nationals in Santa Maria.


usa trip 1966

This old thread was just brought to top again on the HAMB. It was posted by member flatoz who's dad together with some friends did the hot rodder's trip of a lifetime... in 1966! The pictures and stories are just amazing. (via HAMB)


summer flashback: cruising

Just Cruisin'
Where, baby, I don't care
Just Cruisin'
As long as you take me there
Just Cruisin'
Somewhere to clear my mind

pre-war dry lakes racing

The roots of hot rodding on 8 mm film: Enjoy this fantastic footage of some pre-war dry lakes race action. UPDATE: The video was posted on the HAMB as well where Jimmy B added some interesting info about the cars and drivers shown. (via FUEL)


mooneyes x-mas by primer podcast

It's hard to think of a car show under blue skies just a couple of days before x-mas, but that's the annual Mooneyes X-Mas Party in Irwindale. Check out some nice pics by PrimerPodcast. And consider moving to So-Cal.


summer flashback: slam it

The days are getting shorter and the first snow is right around the corner. At least in our area. So, there's nothing better than grabbing a cold one and figuring out if we shouldn't rather be down in the shop working on our projects for next summer. Here's a little inspiration for those among you who like it a little lower.


summer flashback: leadsleds

Seeing the Matranga Mercury clone pulling into the fairgrounds in the early morning was the perfect start to a great weekend in Santa Maria. Another highlight was the chopped 1949 Buick Sedanette "Art Deco" below, built by Justin Hills from Australia.


summer flashback: two coupes

I spotted both of these Ford coupes at the Cruisin' Nationals 2011, Santa Maria California. They are the start to a series of previously unreleased photos I took during the warmer days of twenty-eleven. RIP summer.