custom parts & wear: x-mas-party

When it comes to hot rod and kustom stuff in Switzerland, Stöffel and Manu's shop Custom Parts & Wear is where it's at. Every year before christmas, they hold an open house party with some of the finest cakes around, cool cars and bands playing in the evening. Go to my flickr photo album to check out some more pics of this very nice event. Thank you all, merry x-mas and a happy new year!


drive it like you stole it

Real rods are driven! This might be the reason why this guy likes to keep it real and drives the shit out of his '39 Ford Coupe. Well whatever, it just looks like he's having a hell of a lot of fun. These great shots were taken in September 2007 by Roland Schenker during the Oldstyle Weekend Switzerland. Check out some more pics of this cool event.


fords with attitude

On the last day of my infamous scandinavia trip, I visited a one day vintage car event in Malmö. Most of the cars were VWs or other euro classics, but there was also this wild flamed ford panel truck. It was great to watch (and hear) it driving to the site and I absolutely loved its rough attitude and the flamejob. And what about that '36 5w coupe? Doesn't it just beg for a serious lowering, a set of fenderskirts and maybe a chopped top? Or to stay on the mild side: How about some period speed equipment and removing unnecessary stuff like the hubcaps and bumpers for that hopped up stocker look?


close to perfection

In an earlier post, I already wrote down some thoughts about building the perfect deuce. It ain't easy to describe how to get there or how exactly the car has to look like. But sometimes pics say a 1000 words. In my eyes, this black roadster is damn close to perfection. It's currently up for sale by Atomic Hot Rods. I just hope Santa reads this...


mooneyes x-mas party 2007

It's that time of year again: rain, snow, darkness. At least over here in good ol' Europe. But let's have a look at the other side of the pond. Let's just take a flight to the west and we're gonna touch down under the californian december sun. Need a soundtrack for this? Just listen to Social Distortion's Highway 101: "we're gonna leave this world behind, we’re Southern California bound..." Need more pics? Go to Wackydave's SoCal Car Culture.


model a roadster

My scandinavia trip turns out to be an endless source for old car related stuff... Well that was one of the reasons why we did that. Save the best for last, and here it is: a model A roadster on deuce rails. The project started with the bodyshell of a 1950s built hot rod that the current owner bought at Pomona several years ago (frame and engine were long gone, unfortunately). The '32 frame was found somewhere in scandinavia. Once finished, this is going to be one period perfect roadster.