swingin' in the rain

Do you fancy Mazda doorhandles, reversed tops and beer drinking? In case you like one of these life's important things, you gotta head for the latest news on Butcherkustoms.de, the website of southern Germany's hardest working, most chopping, lowest lowering kustom club.


this weekend: oldstyle sihlbrugg

Get ready for the Oldstyle Weekend in Sihlbrugg! Be sure to be there on saturday already as most of the bands are gonna play on saturday night. Still not sure? The weather is gonna be bitchin' and the cars as well. To prove that, some teaser photos from the last years.


thursday custom car quiz

What kind of car is this? Yeah, it's a bitchin' car. But what make, model and year is it? Click here to find out more about this beautiful custom. (HAMB)


street rod saturday

Spent my last saturday afternoon at the european street rod nationals in Thun. The weather was awful but thanks to the roofed location, no one got hurt, um...wet. Being a street rod event, it wasn't an easy task to spot traditionally built cars, so the selection got quite limited. Here are some of the rides that caught my attention.


hangar rockin' 2008 st. stephan

The Hangar Rockin' 2008 is history. It was one hell of a weekend, I met so many great people and time was even too short to party with everyone I wanted to... Well I hope to catch on at the 2009 edition. The new location is far bigger than the previous one at the Birrfeld airfield. In fact, it was almost too big. Maybe that's why I felt like having spent a weekend hiking through the mountains. Actually, it was sort of that, as St. Stephan is close to the alps of the Berner Oberland. Two things that really sucked were the toilets and showers, or rather the lack of both of them. But as said, I had a killer time and even found the time to take some photos. Check out the cool slideshow or click through the pics by yourself.

Bitchin' 1932 five window coupe from the Aces car club

Stöffel beating the shit outta his '41 coupe

The fastest car of the day: 1932 roadster

Hot rod rumble

Nice model A coupe from Italy

All the way from Hamburg, Germany: 1951 Ford Panel

Killer caddy coupe from the Crazy Cruisers

49-50 chevrolet coupe shootout

Nice scenery!


coming soon: hangar rockin' 2008 photos

We had a killer time at the 2008 Hangar Rockin'! While I'm recovering from the weekend, I'm digging through the pics I took in order to select a few for you. Until I'm ready with that I gotta show you one teaser pic of a bitchin' Chevy coupe blasting down the 1/8 mile race track. Stay tuned.


get ready for the hangar rockin' 2008

Get ready for the Hangar Rockin' 2008! It's gonna be a blast, it's at a new and bigger location, and there is even an 1/8 mile drag race! If you're still not sure whether or not you're gonna attend this event, check out those pics I dug out from my archives. The photos below are from the 2006 edition and I even found some 2004 pics on my "other" website. And click here for the 2007 photos. See ya.

Say hello to my old vw bug! I still regret that I had to sell it, it was so much fun to drive.