flashback: the casny shoebox

Much has been said and written about Chris Casny's chopped 1950 Shoebox Ford. It was featured in magazines and there's an extensive build thread on the HAMB. So, you may ask why the hell am I posting these old news? Chris doesn't even own the car anymore! Well, a couple of days ago I unearthed this bunch of photos I had taken in 2011. And since most of them never got published before, I thought they might be worth a look. At least I can't stop staring at the perfect chop and the sinister attitude of this ol' black Ford.

Have you ever seen a 1950 Ford with better flowing lines? I don't think so, Tim.

The third headlight adds some spice to the beautiful factory front design.

Chris didn't just chop and paint the car. He even did the whole interior by himself.

The photos were taken in a quiet back alley close to Sunset Blvd, Hollywood.

Chris cruisin'...

...Sunset Boulevard.

There's nothing like a chopped black leadsled rolling down the Boulevard.

The car now resides in Denmark, Europe so I hope to see it over here this summer. Thanks for watching!


  1. Beautiful car. Thanks for posting. The one thing that annoys me is that they kept the drip rail.

  2. they look soooooo much better with the drip rail , than without it !!!!!!