the roadster

The weekend is on the doorstep. So, grab your keys, jump into that black deuce roadster waiting on the curbside and head for the next bar, bbq or wherever the trail may lead you. Oh yeah, that roadster. I have no clue where I found these two pics of this dark colored beauty. But they appear to be old, judging from the position of the headlights, often seen on postwar California roadsters. Well, what do I know. Happy weekend!

UPDATE: The car shown is Ray Morisette Jnr's roadster in 1949, it turned 113.49mph @ the May 1949 S.C.T.A. meet. (thanks to Jimmy Barter for the info)


down and dirty again

Racing is life. Except when the track is closed. But this time, the united ACES and Shoplifters racing team was more successful. Dirt track time!

The rebuilt rear end was tested hard. Round after round.

And it's all fun and giggles...

...until someone gets hurt.

Dropped beam.


Back to the workshop.

The evil rock that caused all the fuss.

Thanks to Sonja Moser for the action shots.


factory kustom of the week: 1961 olds 88

I got a soft spot for those early to mid 60s cruisers. Whether it be coupes or wagons, Ford, Chrysler or GM: it seems like the car companies had bigger balls during that period of time for cranking out new rides that more resembled of show cars than real production models. Well, a design historian with the help of a cultural psychologist might come up with a better explanation for those amazing designs. But most importantly, they make for perfect mild kustoms and don't need much except for a lowered stance, a decent shaving or maybe different wheels and paint. Some of my favorites are the GM bubbletops, especially this 1961 Olds Dynamic 88 hardtop coupe. Just check out those lines!

Pardon me but I just couldn't resist doing a photoshop lowering job.

The taillight design rocks.

Fins never looked better. They just had to turn them upside down.

Picture yourself here with some ladies in the backseat.

Less is more. Find this killer ride for sale on Hemmings. No, I don't get any commission. (photos © seller)


boys of bonneville (trailer)

Boys of Bonneville Movie Trailer from Price Museum of Speed on Vimeo. (as seen on Hemmings)

dude, where's the race track?

Last weekend was dirt track time. Unfortunately, due to some schedule problems, the track was already booked by some dirt bike riders. Duh. At least the weather was nice and the coffee tasty.


that's all we want

Lions, Carlsbad, Half Moon Bay and the list goes on. Many of the once famous drag strips are long gone. In good ol' Switzerland, we didn't ever have a permanent drag strip at all. Poor us. So, let's fight for the right to race. Happy weekend!


measure once – cut twice

Last saturday, I paid a visit to my buddy Raphael, the metal wizard who's currently building the model a three window coupe. He was just about to chop this model a roadster. So, I decided to capture this magic moment...

After the successfully completed operation, I took some random shots.

It's getting crowded.

Some more random shots.

friday night cruisers

There's nothing like a Wiener Schnitzel on a friday evening. Even the weather was great so we decided to take our rides and meet at the local brewery to get the weekend started in style.


the photography of tim sutton

He's one of my favorite photographers. And maybe one of yours, too: Tim Sutton. Check out the killer shots he took of this apache truck. (photos © Tim Sutton)


road trips rule

I already stated it a couple of times. The best part of a car show is the process of getting there. Here's a great example, documented by HAMB member Joe T Creep.


racing is life

Anything that happens before or after is just waiting. (Steve McQueen) Have a great weekend!


lonestar falcon

Wagons rule. They are the next best thing to coupes. And sometimes even cooler. And they are practical, too. I think I need a wagon. (photos © HAMB)


swap meet saturday

Had a taste of summer this weekend! Got up early at 7 am saturday morning, went to fellow ACES member HP and together we hit the road heading for switzerland's first US car swap meet. Well, it wasn't Hershey nor Pomona, but a nice familiar event. We had a blast, especially when cruising down the road under sunny skies and temperatures around 25° C. That's about 77 degrees in Fahrenheit which is pretty damn amazing for early April around here!

Custom Parts & Wear representing.

HP's 1934 truck with a 283 small block.

Early morning bullshittin.

Beautiful Mercury Comet that is currently for sale.

Buick sedan next to my 1949.

Great lettering by Captain Blaster on the C-PW shop truck.


the open road

Have a great weekend. (photographer unknown)