boulevard art

The Los Boulevardos & Friends Art Show was one of the best events I've been to in quite a while. Great people, impressive cars, a good location and of course the art show itself inside the building of Untouchable Metal Works made this a day to remember. I even got the opportunity to show some of my work, thanks to Mark of Wheels Are Everything who encouraged me to participate. I would also like to thank the Los Boulevardos C.C. and especially Edog who curated the art show and did an amazing job setting up the event. Check out the gallery or enjoy the slideshow.

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just strolling

The older I get the more I enjoy those little afternoon walks in the neighborhood.


l.a. roadster show

I need a roadster. Do I have to say more about the impact the L.A. Roadster Show made on me? Okay, I knew before the show that I would appreciate the ownership of an old Ford roadster. But especially while tumbling through the alleys of the swap meet I felt confirmed and strengthened in my idea. And this brings me to a little word of wisdom to our readers: If you're planning on visiting the L.A. roadster show in the future, don't waste too much time in the exhibition area. The parking lot and especially the swap meet are the places where the true gems are to be found. And not all of them are roadsters. You can find some of them in the gallery or in the terrific slideshow. Have fun.

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beatniks on the road

On the drive home from Santa Maria, my lady was in charge of handling the camera. Thanks to my extraordinary smooth driving skills, she was able to snap some amazing shots... I especially like this one.


friday night at the broiler

Just a couple of snapshots from the friday cruise night at Bob's Big Boy Broiler in Downey.


highway 1

Just realized I never posted this picture here, only on our FB-page. So, here we go and have a nice weekend. (photo © Violetta V.)


the union show

I've never been to the legendary "Paso". So what do I know. But from what I heard it must have been one of the raddest if not the very best goddamn car show on the planet.
A lot of people still seem to miss it and many among those people are pretty young dudes and they talk about it in a way usually only gramps does when he's yearning after the good ole days. And then there are people who don't just complain and whine but do something about it and set up their own thing. Just like the Panel Beaters did in Los Alamos. Los Alamos? Yes, it ain't Paso Robles but it is a quaint little old town in the central coast area. And the show actually was more like a gathering among friends and likeminded dudes. And it wasn't even a real car show since I didn't get a wristband. Dang. But it was a lot of fun. And it had a lot of what many people miss in nowadays car shows: It had soul. To the gallery...

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ACES coupe de grill #1

Who doesn't like to get together with some good friends, throw some burger patties on the grill and open up a few cold ones? The ACES Car Club knows what the people like and held their first ever ACES Coupe de Grill at the ACME headquarters in Orange, California. There was a lot of other stuff going on the same day but the turnout was amazing. The ACES were welcoming people and cars from the Cavaliers, the Shifters, the Retarded Sparks and the Lifters, just to name a few. Click here for more pictures or enjoy the slideshow.

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