the union show

I've never been to the legendary "Paso". So what do I know. But from what I heard it must have been one of the raddest if not the very best goddamn car show on the planet.
A lot of people still seem to miss it and many among those people are pretty young dudes and they talk about it in a way usually only gramps does when he's yearning after the good ole days. And then there are people who don't just complain and whine but do something about it and set up their own thing. Just like the Panel Beaters did in Los Alamos. Los Alamos? Yes, it ain't Paso Robles but it is a quaint little old town in the central coast area. And the show actually was more like a gathering among friends and likeminded dudes. And it wasn't even a real car show since I didn't get a wristband. Dang. But it was a lot of fun. And it had a lot of what many people miss in nowadays car shows: It had soul. To the gallery...

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  1. big thanks pics and write up. very nice. from all the panel beaters, thank you!! munster