cool rivi

Did I mention I dig rivieras? (seen on the HAMB)


more dust from rust'n dust 2010

All we are is dust in the wind...


a whole lotta dust

Dirt track racing is the new flat black. Just kidding, it's cool to see a new (or old) breed of events getting some well deserved attention as they bring back bare bones hot rod racing the way it's meant to be. Sonja Moser just sent me some of her brilliant pics from the latest Rust'n Dust in Germany. Like that? There's more to come tomorrow, so in the meantime please check out the pics by Tankwart 93.


surfer girl

Have a swell weekend.


location hunting

A couple of weeks ago, I went for a cruise around town looking for some cool photoshoot locations. There aren't many abandoned buildings here that would make for a cool backdrop... or if there's something cool, you can't drive in there with a car. The latter two are my favorites so far. But I'm sure there's more to come.


for sale

This 1964 bellflower Olds, owned by Pierre-Yves of the Cheaters Geneva, is up for grabs. It's one sick ride and my favorite 1960s coupe in Switzerland. Check out the ad or see more pics.


photoshoot: 1929 nash pick up

It was on a rather dark spring day this year, that I got to shoot Marcel's Nash truck for the first time. For those of you who didn't know already: The cabin was made from a 4 door sedan, chopped and channelled, the bed was built from scratch and the engine is an inline six from a Triumph TR6. All the work was done by Marcel himself, except for paint prep and the paintjob. More photos...


jan's roadster

I took this photo two years ago on the way to the Headbanging in Finsterwalde, Germany. And I thought it's cool enough for a repost.


hangar rockin' 2010: slideshow

Check out my slideshow from the Hangar Rockin' 2010. Have a great weeekend!


hangar rockin 2010: hot rods

Our country may not be famous for its hot rods. But there were quite a lot of em blasting through the alps last weekend, even if some of them came all the way from Italy. Here are a couple of my favorites.


hangar rockin 2010: the race

Yes there was some racing action at this year's Hangar Rockin'. But sadly, after only a couple of runs, the race was stopped for a break. And then the rainstorm came. More pics...


hangar rockin 2010: 1952 chevy

Had a blast at the Hangar Rockin festival in the middle of the swiss alps. There was something for everybody: great people, a lot of cool vintage iron, a lot of cold beer, a lot of sunshine and even a decent rainstorm. More pics to come soon. Until then, please enjoy this bitchin 1952 chevy coupe from Italy.