more gnrs 2012

It obivously isn't just about roadsters. So there's plenty to see for almost any taste. Which is not always in favor for us traditional guys who are known for having an exquisite eye for the beauty and therefore having to cope with quite a lot of billet and big wheels and cheesy interior designs. But let's get back to the highlights of the show. I just added more pics to the gallery. And there's still more to come.

Jorge Zaragoza's Rolling Bones built 1932 three window.

Rick Dore built this Lincoln Zephyr for James Hetfield.

This Merc was one of my favorites.

Another favorite car at the show: Goran Lassell's 1948 Merc sported a gorgeous new paintjob and interior.

Yes it used to be satin green.

Goran Lassell's 1952 Chevy two door sedan.

Historic lakes roadster.

Nick Hanson's freshly built 1929 roadster was perfect in every way.