it's in the details

It's the details that separate the outstanding cars from the cool cars. Yeah right, but my guess is that Mr. Schaub is just afraid of starting to build his coupe's roof so he prefers fiddling around with those gewgaws... Seriously, this hot rod is gonna be a piece of art. For example, just check out the trunk lid handle you see above, made from a chunk of aluminium. Or click here for more greatness.

Same for the scratch built brass filler cap

The handmade copper gas tank got a couple of fuel lines

He modified a 1939 Ford dashboard to fit the model A interior

This is the way it's gonna look like.


  1. Look forward to seeing this one done. It's all in the details like you said....but you have to take it easy cause it can't be too many small details either :)

  2. I hear ya, I'll keep an eye on this :-)

  3. Haha, then I know this one will turn out great :)