beat's 1931 roadster

Beat's 1931 roadster on an early spring day. Outtake from a photoshoot for the german Smokin' Shutdown mag.


classic custom ads (volume 7)

What if the 1950 merc had left the factory as a chopped down leadsled? This would have been cool.


an afternoon in tijuana

Well not quite. It's actually an abandoned corner in the otherwise hyperclean capital of tourists that is Lucerne. Glad I found this spot, might become a cool location for one or another car photoshoot.


sneak peek: 1951 olds kustom

There's a wonderful 1951 Olds coupe in the making. Follow the build on the HAMB. The pictures are great as well.


old photos rule

Found on the HAMB. Wow.


tour de suisse

Fellow ACES members Beat and Raphael recently participated at the Red Bull Jungfrau Stafette, a relay race all across Switzerland. They weren't the fastest but the loudest. Mission accomplished.


custom parts & wear: the movie

This is cool. Christophe «Youks» Chardon from Bielle Chaude, the french HAMB, fabricated this mad video. Check it out!


custom parts & wear: open house

There should be more weekends like this. A relaxed saturday afternoon around a cool shop with loads of old iron parked everywhere, japanese artists striping like crazy and good friends at every corner trying to talk you into drinking another beer. And on top of that, if you still manage to drive your car on your own after all those beers, you have a great cruise all together to the local fastfood restaurant where you can get a tasty dinner. Did I mention there were bands playing and turntables spinning, too? Well, now go figure, shouldn't there be more weekends like this?


topless fury

Last weekend, we went to the annual Open House at Custom Parts & Wear. We had a blast and the time was much too short as always. Lots of nice rides, one of them was this Plymouth Fury Convertible. More pics to come soon!


Riviera at sunset

To some folks, the two words riviera and sunset together may evoke images of a dream vacation in France or Italy. Not to me. I prefer the setting above. But well, that's just me. (HAMB)


gold dust

Last weekend, weather was great for once so I decided to do a little impromptu shooting with my pal's 1950 Caddy. It was quite early on that saturday morning and the growling of the unbaffled exhaust scared a couple of folks but the sunlight was amazing.


Antique Nationals 2010. Photo © by Michael Harrington.


open house: custom parts & wear

There's nothing like a decent open house. Especially the one at Custom Parts & Wear which is growing bigger each year. So don't miss the opportunity to check out the brilliant work of the japanese kustom kulture artists Wildman, Mr. G, Makoto and Ghost while enjoying the legendary hospitality of Manu and Stoeffel. In the evening there will be a cruising to the King Cruiser Rumble which proved to be a big success at last year's edition.


have a seat

Well, at least I had to sit down for a moment. The reason was my visit yesterday at my buddy's garage, where he's currently building his model a three window coupe. He has just finished the aluminum seatbench which is actually some kind of bomber bench. As usual, he started from scratch with just his imagination leading the path, accompanied by his outstanding skills, to another piece of art for his hot rod project. Click here to check out more pics.

What a great detail work.

Installed for a trial fit. Btw. it's very comfortable, and even um... ergonomical!

Looking good from above, too.

And in the meantime, he installed the rear window and is just about to finish the rear roof section.


santa maria 2010

Looks like Santa Maria 2010 was a blast if you see the tons of pics floating on the web. Actually it's almost a bit overwhelming, so I'm thankful there are guys like kustom archivist Rik Hoving, collecting the best of them and putting em all in one place. And you can check out even more Santa Maria 2010 galleries over there at Kustomrama. (photos © Gary E. Morin)