just cruisin'

Plain and simple a great pic from the Los Boulevardos Car Club.


chop that merc

Chopping up cars is not a crime, it's a form of art. So, check out how they do it, the guys from JDH Rod & Custom and Keith Sim Metalcraft. And have a nice weekend... welding, wrenching or just kicking back in the garage. (HAMB)


chevy workshop

Back home from an awesome weekend in Austria... Got a taste of spring, met good friends, finished some work on the '49, started some new stuff, checked out Sandro's '47 Aerosedan which is to be bagged soon, had a great time. That's life.


the bitchinest brown in the valley

Remember Al's shoebox project? Yeah, a ton of nicely executed modifications with the result of a very slick looking chopped shoebox. Seeing those pics of the car in grey primer, I hardly dared to imagine it fully painted. But now, we can't do anything about it... Al did it. Or let's say, Mr. Kool did one hell of a paintjob, painting the shoebox in a color which can only be described as the bitchinest brown in the valley. And beyond the valley, too. (clip: Al's Tikis)


kellogg auto archives

This is incredible... The Kellogg Auto Archives is going online. It's a private collection of over 1 million photos that's currently being published online. Be sure to check back to the amazing gallery as they're continuing to put stuff online to share. (HAMB)


rolling down route 66

My stateside road trip turns out to be an endless source of images... So let me show you some pics of the actual road, the mother of all roads, the good ol' route 66. And as I just love those abandoned gas stations, garages and diners, I couldn't resist stopping at each one of them, taking pictures, strolling around the old walls, thinking about their history, or let's say their stories... the cars being filled up here, the people stopping on their trip... well, just have a look for yourself.



Tracking down the roots of my '49 Chevy, we met Roger D. Starkey, another Deacons member and the one who made the Coupe's beautiful interior. He's a great guy and at the time we visited him, he had this flamed '55 Buick in the works. Click here to check out the finished interior.

The guys who built the '49... Kyle Phillips and Roger Starkey

Tried to do some artsyfartsy photography

Imagine some Duran Duran playin on the garage's stereo, as Roger is one serious fan of them


san diego automotive museum

Just like real tourists do, we had to visit some museums. One of them was the San Diego Automotive Museum. Right at the time when we were staying at San Diego, they had a special exhibition named "Hot Rods, then and now". Not a big surprise, I was more interested in "then", so check out some pics I took.