open house: custom parts & wear

Having fun is simple. If you're as simple as we are. Take a couple of traditional hot rods, throw in a lot of great people. And stir it up with cold beers and hot burgers. Add a little sunshine together with some surf and garage tunes and there you go, ending up with a fun saturday afternoon. Thanks to Chris and Manu of Custom Parts and Wear! You guys rule.


  1. Wow those rods all look awesome!

  2. Any chance you might have any more pictures of this ride or were one could find more info about it!?


    Damn you got some nice rides over at your place..

  3. I'm gonna take more photos next weekend. It's an old sprint car from the eastcoast, a friend of mine shipped it to Switzerland and restored it. Fantastic car, incredibly quick.

  4. Nice! Looking forward to the pictures and thanks for a fantastic picture blog!