1949 chevrolet

On the way to the ACES party... Sorry, not much posting time at the moment. More pics coming soon.


1936 ford

Last saturday, we went to Ravensburg Germany for the annual party of the ACES C.C. Europe Chapter. More pics coming soon.


zephyr kustom

This 1941 Lincoln Zephyr taildragger was built in Finland by Timo Hersti a couple of years ago. It's so impressive and definitely one of my favorite kustoms ever. When looking for more info about it, I stumbled upon this video of the whole build: check out part 1, part 2 and part 3. If you happen to understand the finnish language, you'll enjoy it even more...

take it off

This is dedicated to my buddy Raph, the hot rod builder who never sleeps. "The dirt flies off"... haha great.


cyclone vernissage

Saturday was a blast! I got up quite early... for a saturday, picked up my buddy Paolo and together we hit the road to the west. It took us almost 6 hours (for a distance people usually cover in 2 hours) as we choose to drive on regular roads only and to avoid anything looking like a highway. When we got there, the exhibition already was in full swing. The location was awesome and so were Nicolas' photos. As we were kinda late, I didn't have much photo time. But it was cool to meet the artist himself and to see a couple of familiar faces. Click here to check out my pics.

Fred's fast 1955 Chevy looking good even when standing still.

An interesting sofa. Didn't dare to ask for the price.

This dash looks familiar.

Nicolas' photographs looked great among this couple of Vespas.


a cool picture

No more explanation needed. (HAMB)

friday pin-up

Hey that's a first time here on LOWTECH. Or at least I think we never had pin-ups on here before. Maybe it's because I'm not so much into the bellybutton rockabilly kulture thing where a lot of girls just look like they were cloned after some non-existent 1950s role model. But I do appreciate when there's a slightly different approach. And I do appreciate decent photography. So that's what I thought when I came across these pics, after tumbling from one blog to another and finally ending up on Fanny's blog. From what I read on there, she's an art and design student and loves taking pics. And from what I saw, she's quite good at it.


eye of the cyclone

If you happen to be around the beautiful town of Lausanne, Switzerland, you should check out the upcoming photo exhibition at Uniquement Vôtre. In the showroom, you'll find a selection of the work of Nicolas Wolleb, who is besides of his amazing eye for detail, truly a great guy. The vernissage will be held this saturday from 3 to 6 PM. For those of you hot rod, kustom or classic car owners, there will be a reserved parking lot. Cool.


a coupe again

Here are the latest shots from the aforementioned model a build. After a couple of weeks as a cut down roadster, the former 4 door sedan now found its final shape as a coupe. Great work as usual, Mr. Schaub! More pics here.


sneak peek

The model A three window coupe my buddy is building is finally getting a roof. And a dash. And a steering column. And it looks amazing, so stay tuned as I'm gonna post a couple more pics soon.


viva las vegas

According to the 868 pics on bangshift.com, a lot of nice cars attended the latest Viva Las Vegas show... besides of the usual rockability mobiles. So there was something for everyone:





ACES Bob's 3-window coupe

and other cool coupes. For more pics, check out the HAMB.

out of the shoebox

Sometimes, thinking out of the box leads to interesting results. I'd get rid of the lakepipes, but a cool move anyway. (bangshift.com)