dragmaster car party

It's a bright and clear Sunday morning in Fallbrook, California. Neighbor Art Schneider is walking his dog Mickey and enjoying the calm and fresh air which is soon going to be warmed up by a vigorous San Diego County summer sun. Just as he notices the murmuring and babbling of a crowd of people gathering on a tree-lined property nearby, the roar of a dragster engine exploding to life shatters the peaceful still. Dog Mickey's immediate try of barking back at that demonic noise quickly turns into a desperate whining. And Art Schneider, with one hand holding back Mickey's leash, is pressing his other hand to his heart, gasping a holy hell jeebus.

What Art didn't know: It's the Sunday of the annual car party at Dragmaster.

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salt fever

One of the things I've always wanted to do while being on this planet is going to Bonneville. I'm still in awe and I'm actually still on the salt but here are some of my favorite sights so far.