santa maria 2011: more pics

Two and a half days at the Cruisin Nationals are over. While saturday was intense, sunday turned out to be a little more laid back. Check out more pics here.


arty times at santa maria

Had a blast at Santa Maria... checked out tons of killer cars, met so many nice people, can't get any better. Now I'm tired, so just these two artsy shots before I head for dinner.


the cruising

Santa Maria kicked off with the traditional friday night cruising. We were simply overwhelmed by the amount and awesomeness of the cars in town and even forgot to grab something for dinner until most of the action was over. Here's a glimpse of what I saw.


see you at the new paso

I never attended the "real" Paso. But according to what I heard from people who used to go there, there was no other show quite like it. Now there's Santa Maria and I'm really looking forward to being there for the first time. So, say hello to the swiss guy in the ACES shirt. (photo © Stylish Kustoms)


moving pixels

German photographer Dirk Behlau aka The Pixeleye is currently working on a documentary called Flake & Flames. The Teaser on Vimeo looks very promising.


aces meet the disasters II

Some more pics from yesterday night.


aces meet the disasters

Had a great time tonight. Roger Miret and the Disasters were playing in Lucerne and the parking lot turned into an impromptu car show, thanks to some of us bringing their cars to the event. The sunset provided us with some so-cal vibes and all of us enjoyed a fabulous evening. More pics to come...

heartbreak station

Early 60s Ford designs rule. Big station wagons rule. Fogged paintjobs rule (sometimes). A cool stance rules (everytime). So, it actually doesn't get much better than this. As seen on Hemmings.


watson reloaded

Had a little time to kill and browsed some classifieds. Then I dug up this beauty: a 1965 impala. Ever since I saw El Diablo, the '65 Impala built by swiss kustom car pioneer Momo, I loved these fullsize cruisers. The only thing I'm not sure about on this car is the lavender paint. Thankfully it's not pink like a 59 caddy. But still. I couldn't stop but stare at the great lines of this design, accentuated by the metallic paintjob. But that color.

Last night, I had a dream. I couldn't get that '65 impala out of my mind... The color, that god damn color... And then I knew it: It reminded me of the famous Grapevine, a chevy built and painted by custom legend Larry Watson. Fuck yeah, one should take this '65, hand it to the most talented painter in town and let him lay down a mindblowing paintjob, heavily inspired by the old Grapevine Chevy. Talk about creating Grapevine II... Then I woke up.

(old pics © Kustomrama.com)

paint it black

While checking out some cool pics from a recent hill climb in the UK, I was struck by the looks of a chopped black '36 three window coupe. This thing looked familiar to me and after a little head scratching I remember having followed its build a couple of months ago. Hell, I even saw it in the flesh at the 2010 Hayride. But finally recognizing it in black paint made my day. (HAMB)