watson reloaded

Had a little time to kill and browsed some classifieds. Then I dug up this beauty: a 1965 impala. Ever since I saw El Diablo, the '65 Impala built by swiss kustom car pioneer Momo, I loved these fullsize cruisers. The only thing I'm not sure about on this car is the lavender paint. Thankfully it's not pink like a 59 caddy. But still. I couldn't stop but stare at the great lines of this design, accentuated by the metallic paintjob. But that color.

Last night, I had a dream. I couldn't get that '65 impala out of my mind... The color, that god damn color... And then I knew it: It reminded me of the famous Grapevine, a chevy built and painted by custom legend Larry Watson. Fuck yeah, one should take this '65, hand it to the most talented painter in town and let him lay down a mindblowing paintjob, heavily inspired by the old Grapevine Chevy. Talk about creating Grapevine II... Then I woke up.

(old pics © Kustomrama.com)


  1. That reminds me a bit of Dennis McPhails Fairlane..... http://www.rodandcustommagazine.com/featuredvehicles/1001rc_1960_ford_fairlane/index.html

    Nice car

  2. I agree. McPhails Fairlane is killer!