the streets of so-cal

California is car culture central, it's the car capital of the world. And that's one of the many things I love about it. The variety of cars you see just sitting in the streets is amazing. Sure it depends on the town, on the neighborhood and so on. But during only a couple of days I saw just so much cool stuff parked somewhere I hardly couldn't believe it. And I tried to capture a little bit of it. (pic above: Modified roadster, Carlsbad)

Caddy Coupe, Palm Springs

Chevy Two-door Sedan, Los Alamos

Ford Falcon Wagon, Oceanside

Chevy Truck, Oceanside

Chevy Camper, Santa Barbara

Airstream Trailer, Palm Springs

Dodge Van, Santa Barbara

Plymouth Savoy, Palm Springs


party time!

Don't miss this! Chris and Manu of Custom Parts & Wear definitely know how to throw a party. Things are gonna start around noon at their shop where you can check out Empire32 and Captain Blaster laying down some lines. In the meantime you can also get those last minute x-mas presents for your loved ones until the swedish Go Getters are gonna hit the stage at the Andalusia Club.

So, there's a lotta stuff going on whereas the real insiders are said to show up just for the legendary cake buffet. But whatever your flavor is, be sure to support your local hot rod store!



Pardon me the silly headline. But with its slammed stance, the killer paintjob and the signwriting on top, Dana's van is nothing short of fantastic. And I bet it's the perfect rolling advertisement for the Harvey's original seatbeltbag.

gold coast show by fuel magazine

It just started to snow around here. Glad there are still things to warm your heart like the photography of FUEL magazine and this killer model A coupe.


dana harvey's 1933 roadster

Debuted at GNRS 2009, fellow ACES CC member Dana Harvey's roadster is one of the most beautiful 1933 fords. It was built by Jimmy White of Circle City Hot Rods and when I had the opportunity to check it out this fall I was blown away by the level of detailing and build quality. The stance is right on and the car looks killer from every angle. But judge for yourself.

lowtech calendar 2011


hot rod revolution austin tx

My hands got wet, my mouth dried out. Just from staring at HAMBer Anderson's pics from the latest Hot Rod Revolution Austin, Texas.


stolen... and recovered!

The famous 1935 Ford custom built by Hollywood Hot Rods for tattoo artist Bugs got stolen in Burbank. The car was sitting in an enclosed trailer and would have been brought to the Goodguys show in order to receive the Kustom Of The Year award... I can't do much anything about it other than spread the word. So check out the thread on the HAMB. This is fucking unbelievable.

UPDATE: Ruby Deluxe got recovered, unharmed. Good news!


jake's sled

I'm not a big fan of fake vintage photos. But turning this photo into black and white enhances the period perfect attitude of Jake's 1953 Chevy and makes it look like it just rolled out of a custom shop in the mid 1950s. But let's get back to color to admire the green suede paint gleaming in the southern california sun. By the way, the tasteful chop on this car was done by Kyle Phillips.


nose surgery

Finally, the story of the swiss model a three window coupe continues. Raphael did a lot of detail work. So the scratch built grille might be the most obvious addition. Click here to check out the latest pics.

Smells like dry lakes

Home made drip rails

Morning wood


the casny coupe

Chris Casny's Coupe doesn't need any cheap tricks. It's simple. It's sinister. Just the way a hot rod coupe should look like. There are so many things that are just perfect like the stance, the color, the combination of parts and textures. And even if the finish is flawless it's far from being aseptic. This car has got soul.