nasty nova

Another one from the Hot Rod Reunion 2012 at Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield.


the moment

Whether you're at a car show, a race or a cruise... when everything feels just so damn right, you might experience it: the moment. Maybe it's after a long day and you're shooting the shit with your buddies and forgot to count the beers you had. Or there's that old barn find kustom no one ever saw before and it just rolls into the show. Or while the sun is setting one vintage dragster by another turns up on the horizon, propelled slowly and almost silently by a period push car, lining up for the legendary cacklefest. There it is: the moment.


stranded here in bakersfield

Just returned from my first time at the California Hot Rod Reunion at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield. A whole lot of great entertainment but now I need some sleep. In the meantime, check out my impromptu postcard creation. Don't worry, there's more to come.


road test

I'm not a big fan of turning recent pictures into black and white. But this one came out pretty ok and reminded me of those road tests in some 1950s car magazines.


99 fahrenheit

It probably was the first time in my life that I experienced 99 degrees fahrenheit in mid-october. But it felt good, especially at the reencounter with that 1953 Chevrolet Kustom.


throttlers picnic burbank

Getting used to californian car shows takes some time. They start so early, they're over by the time a european show would've even begun at all. But that's actually a good thing. One gets out of bed betimes and can return home to his beloved before sunset. And to me as the dude carrying around a camera, the morning light, especially in fall, and specifically in california, has its very own magic.


curbside custom in carlsbad

This right here is what I love about California. On a plain old boring wednesday, in a small town, on a random avenue, sitting in front of a bar... a 1953 Chevy kustom. A good start on my current trip through the promised land of car culture.