traditional hot rods vs. cal look vw

To most people, the 1932 Ford Roadster is the quintessential hot rod. As I am both into cal look VWs and traditional rods and kustoms as well, I often observe similarities between those two "worlds". I think that a traditional Cal Look bug has several aspects in common with a '32 Ford. For example, when it comes to building one of them in traditional style, you really have to find your own path between tradition and your own ideas and personal taste. There are many attempts (some successful, many not) to build that perfect car. There are lots of cal look bugs that really capture "the look". May it be the combination of stance, details, selection of parts and performance or whatever. Same for the '32 Deuce. Lots of them were built during the last six or seven decades. And it keeps getting harder to build a car that really stands out from the crowd (or from the cars already built) but still captures the traditional spirit. This is why I like those cars so much, both of them. You have to get deeply involved, learn from the past, use your own imagination and you'll build something unique that respects the tradition. It's all about attention to details and a constant strive for perfection. Well, just some thoughts on a snowy friday. :-)

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